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Motion eGroup Week of April 28

Road Trip

Virtue: Patience: Waiting until later for what you want now.
Main Point: When you think you can’t wait, think twice.
Bible Story: Esau’s Impatience
Bible Passage: Genesis 25:24-34
Memory Verse: “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14, NIV



Bring It! Challenge Tracking Sheet (1), category cards (30), Bingo chips (1 bag)

Start by introducing yourself and welcoming kids to your eGroup. As kids come in, write their names on the Bring It! Challenge tracking sheet.
Ask them about their week and interests. Use the following questions to generate discussion:
What’s something cool that happened this week?
What was the best part of your week?
Have you ________ (seen/eaten/listened to/read) any good _________ (movies/TV shows/food/music/books) lately?
What are you looking forward to next week?
Once you have five to six kids choose one of the Road Trip games!
Alphabetical Categories
Turn over a category card and read the category to the group.
Each kid will name one thing that belongs in that category. Kids will name items in alphabetical order, so the first kid will name something in that category beginning with the letter ‘A,’ the second kid will name something beginning with the letter ‘B,’ and so on.
If a kid can’t name something for their letter, the kid is out for the rest of that category. The last kid in the game wins!


Turn over a category card and read the category to the group.
Each kid will name five things in that category. If a kid says, “Ummm…” at any point on their turn, they are out of the game.
Continue turning over category cards and encouraging kids to name five things in the category, eliminating kids who say, “Ummm…” from the game. The last kid in the game wins!


Tell kids the eGroup is packing for a trip. Kids will take turns suggesting things to bring along, but there is a secret rule about what kinds of things they can take. Their goal is to guess what the rule is and suggest the right things to bring along.
Read one category card silently to yourself; do not read or show it to any kids.
Encourage kids to take turns suggesting items to bring along on the trip. If the item fits in the category on the card, give the kid a Bingo chip.
Once one kid has earned three chips for the same category, choose a new category card. Continue playing as long as time allows. The kid with the most Bingo chips at the end wins!



Bibles, map (1), index cards (1 pack), pens/markers

“Welcome to eGroup! My name is _______ and I’m your eGroup leader! As an eGroup we will hang out together during Motion, hear stories from the Bible, learn what it means to live for Jesus, and play games!
We’re finishing up our series called Road Trip, where we’ve been learning about patience. Let’s dig into God’s Word together now and read about someone who lost out when he didn’t choose to have patience!”

Have kids sit in a circle with their Bibles and instruct kids to turn to Genesis 25. NOTE: This may take time, but it helps kids learn skills for reading the Bible on their own. If needed, encourage kids to use the table of contents in their Bible, and then decide if the book is in the Old or New Testament.
Read Genesis 25:24-34 aloud.
Divide kids into five teams and assign each team one part of the Bible story.
Esau and Jacob are born.
Isaac loved Esau, the hunter, while Rebekah favored Jacob, who preferred to stay at home.
Esau came home and was starving, so he begged Jacob for some stew.
Jacob told Esau he would give Esau the stew in exchange for Esau’s birthright.
Esau was so hungry, he gave Jacob his whole birthright for one meal.
Place the pens and/or markers where all kids can reach them. Give each kid an index card and encourage kids to draw a picture representing their portion of the Bible story on the card.
After kids have had a few minutes to draw, encourage each team to choose the best picture from their team to represent their part of the story.
Encourage kids to place their team’s picture on the appropriate space on the Bible story map so that the full story is shown in the correct order. If time allows, encourage kids to retell the story using the pictures on the map.

“Because Esau was born first, he received a birthright. This meant once his father died, he would be the head of the family and he would receive a double amount of his father’s money and property. Esau gave away all of that for a bowl of soup! His hunger made him impatient. If Esau had stopped to think twice, he probably would have realized he would be better off waiting for a meal so he could keep his special birthright.”



no supplies

Explain kids will answer a “Would You Rather” question by moving to one side of the eGroup space or the other.
For each question, point to your left when you read the first option, then point to the right as you read the second option. This will show kids which side of the eGroup space to move to as an indication of which option they would choose.
Read the following “Would You Rather” questions. After each question, choose one or two kids on each side to share why they chose that option.
Would you rather receive $10 today or $50 next month?
Would you rather get one cookie tonight after dinner or two cookies after dinner next weekend?
Would you rather have no homework for the rest of this school year or no homework for the whole year next year?
Would you rather go to the beach this summer or save up money to go to Disney World in two years?
Would you rather get 100 dollars right now, or 10 dollars every week for a whole year?
Would you rather have one really incredible birthday party this year but no more birthday parties until you’re an adult, or have a small party every year for your whole life?

“These situations all had something in common — you were choosing to have something good now or to have something better later. Sometimes all we can think about is how great something could be right now, but if we stop to really think about it, we may realize there could be something better coming along if we’re willing to wait for it. When you think you can’t wait, think twice.”

Discussion Questions:
“How does it feel when you finally get something great you’ve been waiting for?”
“Can you share a situation where you had to choose between getting something good now or getting something better later?”
“What are some strategies you can use to help yourself slow down and think when you feel impatient?”
“When you’re facing a decision, who is someone trustworthy you could ask for advice while you think twice about which option to choose?”


WHAT YOU NEED: eKidz Prayer Journal (or eKidz Prayer Journal page), pen

“Today we learned when we think we can’t wait, we should think twice! When you choose to be patient the way God wants you to, you can see God do great things through you!
I want you to share one strategy you will use to help you slow down and think twice the next time you need to make a choice. Maybe you need to decide to always start by asking God what He thinks is best, or maybe there’s a Godly person in your life you can talk to. You could even make a list to show what could happen as a result of each decision. When we pray together, I’m going to pray that God will help you remember that strategy to help you think twice when you feel like you can’t wait.”

Write down kids’ names and what they share in your eKidz Prayer Journal. Take your eKidz Prayer Journal home with you and pray for your kids throughout the week.

“God, sometimes it can be so hard to wait because we want something RIGHT NOW. But we know it’s better to stop and think twice, even when we think we can’t wait. So help us this week to use these strategies to think twice about our decisions. Help us think twice before we do or say something we might regret. Help us think twice before we decide to rush something that You have told us we need to wait for. Help us to think twice because we love You and we believe that Your way is the best way. Amen.”


Bibles, Bible tool kits, verse cards (1 bag)

“Our Bible verse, Psalm 27:14, tells us to wait for the Lord. It also encourages us to be strong and take heart, meaning it might not always feel easy to wait for His answer. But if we choose to show patience and wait for Him, God will always follow through on His promises.”

Read the verse out loud: “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14
Help kids look up the memory verse in their Bibles. Encourage them to use tools from the Bible tool kit to mark the verse in their Bible. Tell kids who didn’t bring a Bible they will receive a memory verse card during the Bring It! Challenge so they can practice it at home.
Ask kids if there are any words or phrases they don’t understand and explain them as needed.
Choose a memory verse activity: “Stoplight Verse” or “Verse Practice.”


Divide kids into four teams. Send the four teams to different corners of the eGroup space.
Shake the bag of verse cards to ensure the cards are well-shuffled. Dump out the verse cards in the center of the eGroup space.
Explain kids will compete to assemble the entire verse, one word at a time, on the floor in front of their team.
To collect the words, one kid from each time will run to the verse card pile and try to find the first word of the verse. Once it is found, the kid will take it back to their team.
As soon as the first kid gets back, another kid will race to the middle to find the next word. Kids will continue finding the words to the verse in order until the entire verse is assembled, including the scripture reference.
It does NOT matter which color kids grab as they scramble for words; they can grab any combination of colors.
As soon as a team has completed assembling the verse, they will read it aloud together to the eGroup Leader, using the colors of the words to determine how quickly to say them. They should read green words very quickly, yellow words at a normal speed, and red words very slowly.
The first team to successfully assemble the verse and read it aloud using the color-coded pacing instructions wins!


Use the following methods to help kids practice the memory verse:

REPEAT AFTER ME: Have kids repeat phrases of the verse after you.
PAIR UP: Have kids pair up to practice the verse together.
MOTIONS: Come up with motions to represent phrases in the verse. Practice it together.