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Motion Large Group: May 30/31


Main Point: I can stick with it if I have the right people around me.
Bible Story: Friends of Peter
Bible Passage: Acts 12:1-10
Memory Verse: Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9


Series Intro / Worship Bumper Intro

“Welcome to Motion! My name is ________ and I want to welcome you to our series called Finders 3: The Mystery of the Missing Mask! Today is going to be so much fun, and I want to start off the day worshipping with you. Worshipping God is such an important part of what we do here in eKidz and one of our amazing worship leaders here at Elevation Church wants to share why we worship. Take a look at the screen.”

Worship Leader Intro Video

Worship Song – For Your Glory

Worship Song Intro

“Motion, stay standing as we sing the title track off the new eKidz album called Undefeated!”

Worship Song – Undefeated

Series Intro

“Motion, thanks for worshipping today! Have a seat because it’s time for us to check in on The Finders. When we last saw them, The Finders were hot on the trail of the thief whole stole a priceless artifact from the museum exhibit. We’ve gotten some clues on who the mask thief could be, but The Finders will have to have move quickly before the mask and the thief disappear forever. Let’s follow the clues and try to solve the mystery in this week’s episode of Finders 3: The Case of the Missing Mask!”

(walk off stage)

Find3rs Episode 5

Video Outro / Dismissal to eGroups

“Whoa! Now it looks like it might’ve been Nick Hyden who took the mask. But why? There’s so much we still have to uncover! Throughout this mystery, there have been a lot of times when The Finders have been split up for different reasons, but finally in this episode, they’re all back together. I believe that’ll help them stick it out a little more and solve this mystery because it’s easier to endure when you’ve got the right people around you. Let’s head to our eGroups and talk more about that.

When I call your eGroup leaders’ name, you can follow them back to your eGroups.”

(call eGroup leaders’ names and dismiss kids)


Trading Card Time Intro

“Motion, welcome back from your eGroups! During Finders 3 you’ll be trying to collect trading cards and the more you collect, the better prizes you’ll earn. Take a look at the screen to see the different prizes you’ll be able to earn.

(refer to the screen of combinations and prizes)

Every week we’ll be releasing new cards, so make sure you’re here every week to get the newest ones. Now Motion, before you came in, you received your trading cards for this week. I’m going to give you two minutes to look at your cards and see if your neighbors got anything different this week. I’ve got a few of my own cards, so I’ll be trading with some of you as well. Let’s get started!”

(take two minutes and trade cards with kids)

Trading Card Time

Trading Card Teaser Video Intro

“Ok, put your cards away! I don’t want to see them any more or else they’ll become mine.

(enforce kids putting the cards away)

Make sure you’re here next week, Motion! We’ve got a brand new set of cards coming out next week. Take a look at the screen and I’ll show you!”

Trading Card Teaser Video

VIP Welcome

“Those cards look so cool! Make sure you’re next week to earn the newest cards! Before we go any further, I want to take a moment and welcome our VIPs. You’re a VIP if it’s your first time in eKidz and we’re so glad you’re here. Motion, help me welcome our VIPs!

(initiate applause)

If you’re a VIP, I’ve got some special instructions for you. Check out the screen!

This is a VIP lanyard.

[VIP Slide – Lanyard]

When you leave Motion, you need to take that lanyard to the black tent.

[VIP Slide – Black Tent]

Once you get to the black tent, show them your lanyard and they will give you a gift!

[VIP Slide – Gift]

Let’s review.

[VIP Slide]

VIP Lanyard + Black Tent = Gift.

If you have any questions, just ask someone in a blue eKidz shirt! We’re all here to make sure you have an awesome time.”

Game Setup –  Code Decoders

“Now Motion, during this week’s episode of Finders 3, we saw the team communicating through text message, so Nick wouldn’t hear them. In today’s game you’re going to be working to unscramble some codes. That come in the form of text messages. Take a look at the screen.”

*Have kids pair up. Each pair of kids will receive a code sheet that shows which letters stand for specific letters. A slide will appear on the screen that shows a series of letters mixed in with emojis. Each emoji stands for a certain letter – the code sheet kids received will show which letter stands for which emoji. Kids must use the code sheet to decode the message on the screen. Once a team has decoded the message, they will raise their hand and tell the host what they think the code is. If the answer is correct, the pair will earn one trading card each.

Game – Code Decoders

Memory Verse Review

“Great job during the game, Motion! Everybody can have a seat.

(wait for kids to be seated)

Throughout Finders 3, we’re going to focus on our memory verse, Galatians 6:9, which is all about endurance. Take a look at the screen and let’s say it together!

(read the memory verse on the screen with the kids)

Now, I want to ask someone to come on stage who thinks they can say the memory verse without looking at the screen. Raise your hand if you want to give it a try!

(call one kid up on stage)

Every one welcome ________ to the stage! Ok _______, let’s see if you can say the verse.

(give the kid an opportunity to say the verse, help them if needed)

Great job! You’ve just earned an extra trading card! Motion, give ________ a hand as he/she has a seat.

(initiate applause)

Dismissal Activity Setup

“Before your parents come to pick you up, we’ve got one more great game to play. Circle up with your eGroups and then I’ll explain how to play!

(give kids a moment to gather around their eGroup leaders)

Now Motion, Finders 3 takes place in a museum and while some people may find museums boring and stuffy, museums are awesome places which shows us the incredible history of the people who came before us.

In our final game called ‘Horrible Histories’, I’m going to be asking your eGroups questions about some of the awesome things that have happened in history and your eGroup is going to write your answer on the whiteboard. You’ll have 15 seconds to guess the answer and hold it in the air.

The team who gets the answer correct will earn 100 points and the team who earns the most points at the end of the game will be our winner. Let’s get ready to play ‘Horrible Histories.’ Take a look at the screen for the first question!”

Dismissal Activity