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Motion Large Group :: Week of November 19




Letting someone know you see how valuable they really are.

Main Point

Honor others by keeping your promises.

Memory Verse

“Love one another deeply. Honor others more than yourselves.” Romans 12:10

Bible Story

David and Mephibosheth

2 Samuel 9:1-13


Welcome / Intro

“Welcome to Motion, where we have yet another edition of the Motion Awards! Why an awards show? Because all month long we’re talking about Honor!

Honor is letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. And today, we are honoring a special person who put the cray in crazy when it comes to their feet. That’s right, I’m talking about the craziest socks in the room. When I call your name, come to the stage and let us recognize you and your hilarious hooves.

Can I have a drumroll please?

(initiate a drumroll)

In the category of ‘Craziest Socks,’ the award goes to … [winner’s name]!

Come on up, [winning kid’s name]!

(allow kid time to come on stage)

Way to go, [kid’s name.] You really knocked our socks off with your fashion choices today. You can have a seat.

No one loves a good pair of socks more than I do, but today we’re going to learn about someone who went step beyond honor someone else. Take a look at the screen.”

Video Host Intro

252 Story

Connect Questions / Dismissal to eGroups

““Mephibosheth must have wondered why in the world King David would care about someone like him— especially when he was the grandson of the man who tried to kill King David.

But King David had made a promise a long time earlier, and he chose to honor that promise. In doing so, he honored Mephibosheth, but he also honored Jonathan and their friendship. That brings us to today’s main point:

Honor others by keeping your promises.

Sometimes keeping your promises is challenging—it can require sacrifice, humility and putting others first. But if a king can keep his promise to his friend who wasn’t even around to see that promises kept, you and I can keep our promises too! Now Motion, it’s time for us to circle around our eGroup leaders to answer a few questions. Do that now.

(give kids time to circle around eGroup leaders)

First question: Why did David decide to honor his promise to Jonathan? Discuss that now.

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Second question: When was the last time you kept a promise to a friend? Discuss that now.

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Final question and it’s today’s ‘See What God Can Do Through You’ question: Why is it important to keep your promises to others? Discuss that question now.”

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Worship Intro

“Great job, everybody! I heard some incredible answer coming from your eGroups today.

Psalm 79:13 says: ‘We are your people, your very own sheep. We will praise you forever. For all time to come we will keep on praising you.’ Stand to your feet, lift your voice and let’s sing His praises.”

Worship Song – This Is Living

Worship Song – Shine A Light

Dismissal To eGroups

“Great job, Motion! Everybody stay standing because it’s time for us to head back to our eGroups. When I call your eGroup leaders’ name, you can stand up and follow them back.”

(dismiss kids back to eGroups)


VIP Welcome

“Welcome back from your eGroups! Before we dive back in to Fear Inc., let’s take a moment and welcome a special group of people who are here for the first time today. Motion, help me welcome our VIPs!

(initiate applause)

If it’s your first time here, we consider you a VIP – a very important person! VIPs, turn your attention to the screen because I’ve got some special instructions just for you.

(refer to the screen)

This is a VIP lanyard. If you’re a VIP, you’re wearing this around your neck right now.

[VIP Slide – Lanyard]

When you leave Motion, you need to take that lanyard to the orange tent called the Welcome Area.

[VIP Slide – Welcome Area]

Once you get to the Welcome Area, show them your lanyard and they will give you a gift!

[VIP Slide – Gift]

Let’s review.

[VIP Slide – All Combined]

VIP Lanyard + Welcome Area = Gift.”

Game Setup – Dancing Queen (or King)

“During Spotlight we’ve highlighted people with artistic skills and people who sing well. This week we’re going to give you all a chance to dance your hearts out in our game called Dancing Queen (or King).

This game will be played in multiple parts. Part one will just be us practicing the dance moves. We’ll take a minute and practice each of our four moves few times to make sure we all know how to do each move.

In part two of the game, we’ll start putting moves together in order to perform a dance.

Finally, we’ll start moving through the dance quickly and if you can’t keep up or perform the correct dance moves, you’ll have to sit down while we determine which of you has the best moves.

Everyone stand to your feet, and let’s get a few practice rounds in before we start playing Dancing Queen (or King)!”

(practice the four dance moves with the kids before moving on to the knockout rounds)

Game – Dancing Queen (or King)

Bring It! Challenge Setup

“Motion, you all did an incredible job today and I’m so glad you’re going to join us during our time in Spotlight. Throughout this series you’ll have the opportunity to win cool prizes by being able to say your memory verse for the series and find it in the Bible. Everyone turn to your eGroup leaders and you’ll have an opportunity to earn your prize now.”

Bring It! Challenge Setup

252 Movie Intro

“Motion, today we learned all about the story of Mephibosheth and how David showed his family honor. Now I heard that they’re actually coming out with a movie about the life of David, but the movie studio is having little trouble with their lead actor. Let’s take a look and see what’s up!”

252 Movie Intro

Video Outro

(if time remains after watching the videos, you can play another round of the game)