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Quest LG :: Oct 31/Nov 1


Bible Story:

Song of Mary
Luke 1:26-55

Main Point:

(point to self)
can thank
(touch chin with hand and move outward, to other hand)
(point up)
for what I have!
(put both hands out in front, palms facing up)

Memory Verse:

Finally, let the Lord (point up)
make you strong. (make muscles)
Depend on his mighty power. (shout POWER and shoot fist in air)
Put on all of God’s armor (hands on hips)
Then you (point out)
can remain strong (cup hands around mouth and repeat ‘strong’ three times)
against the devil’s evil plans. (tap fingers together like a villain)
Ephesians 6:10-11 (NIRV) (hold hands together like a book)


A long long time ago in a land far away there lived a Queen who loved to tell stories: stories of brave and bold knights, daring donkey’s, and princes and princesses. Join us as the Queen grabs her storybook to share one of her favorite stories about Sir Pogo’s adventure to find the armor of God. Each week we’ll learn how the armor of God can help us stand firm and grow stronger in our faith.


Francis – Live storyteller who works in the Queen’s castle, preparing for the Royal Ball.
The Queen – Video character who shares stories about Sir Pogo and Darrin the Daring Donkey.
Sir Pogo and Darrin – Video characters on the search for the Armor of God.


CHILD SIZED CROWN: Francis will put the crown on the child who comes on stage to help count down how many weeks are left until the Royal Ball. The child will keep the crown and wear it home.
WOODEN SCRUB BRUSH: Francis will carry the wooden scrub brush off stage as the video of the Queen telling the story to the children begins to play.

Quest Rules Video                                                        [1:45]

Video: Quest Rules Video

Introduction                                                                   [2:30]

Video: Chandelier (Low)

Lighting: Stage lights should be shining dimly, yet enough for children to still see the stage.

(Francis walks on stage, looking around at the castle, noticing the decorations around the room.)

Francis: Today is the day! It’s finally here. We have worked so hard to get the castle in tip top shape for the Royal Ball. And everything looks so nice for our guests. You all look so nice in your royal attire, too! If you are a princess, then stand up and curtsy for all to see.

(Allow princesses to stand up and curtsy.)

Francis: Splendid! Now you can twirl down to the ground and have a seat while our princes stand up and bow together!

(Allow princesses to sit down and princes to stand up and bow.)

Francis: Now you can bow down and sit on the ground!

(Allow princes to sit down.)

Francis: I can’t thank you enough for your help, princes and princesses! If we haven’t met yet, my name is Francis and I work in the Queen’s castle. I’ve been making sure everything looks nice for the Royal Ball … (overly excited) which is today!

Francis: The Royal Ball is the biggest event of the year at the Queen’s castle. We’ve invited all of you (points out towards children) royal princes and princesses for some fun and dancing! You all look so nice in your royal attire and I can’t wait for the ball to start soon!

(Looks around, noticing the lights are dim and should be turned up.)

Francis: Wait a second! It seems to me the lights in the castle are a bit dim. But they shouldn’t be. They should be shining nice and bright for the Royal Ball! (To the children.) Princes and princesses, can you name some things that shine bright?

(Allow children to answer – “The sun!” or “Lightbulbs!” etc.)

Francis: Yes! All of those things shine bright and we want it to be bright in the castle so you can see how beautiful the castle looks! My dear princes and princesses, can you help me make the lights brighter?

(Allow children to answer – “Yes!”)

Francis: Great! All we need to do is clap together (hold up three fingers) three times. Let’s get our hands ready to clap. Ready? Let’s clap together.

(Francis counts out loud as he claps along with the children. Counting and clapping should happen at the same time.)

Francis: (Clap) One! (Clap) Two! (Clap) Three!

Video: Chandelier (High)

Lighting: Cue as soon as the chandelier screen graphic changes from LOW to HIGH. Stage lights should be shining at normal levels.

Francis: There we are! Well done.

Audio: Trumpet Fanfare

Francis: Oh that’s just splendid! That means it’s time for us to hear from the Queen herself. She’s going to read us a royal story from her Storybook about one of Sir Pogo’s adventures to find the armor of God. Can you pretend like you are reading from her Storybook? (Place hands together like a book and pretend to read. Encourage children to follow your lead.)

Francis: The Queen’s Storybook is full of royal stories. She’s told us lots of stories already, but this story is one of the best! I’m going to check on a few last things around the castle while you listen to the Queen’s majestic story. Make sure you have on your listening ears so you can hear the Queen’s story!

(Francis hurries off stage.)

Story Time with the Queen                                    [10:16]

Video: Story Time WK8

Main Point Review                                                     [1:00] 

VIDEO: Chandelier (High)

(Francis walks back on stage.)

Francis: What a story, my royal friends! While I was getting ready for the Royal Ball, I overhead the story the Queen shared with you. During their adventure today, Sir Pogo and Darrin the Daring Donkey learned:

SLIDE: Main Point WK8

I (point to self)
can thank (touch chin with hand and move outward, to other hand)
God (point up)
for what I have! (put both hands out in front, palms facing up)

Francis: Say that with me on the count of three. 1, 2, 3!

(Francis leads the children in saying the main point along with the hand motions.)

I (point to self)
can thank (touch chin with hand and move outward, to other hand)
God (point up)
for what I have! (put both hands out in front, palms facing up)

Francis: Very good! We can always thank God for what we have. Raise your hand if you can thank God for all of our royal friends here today and for the armor of God that makes us strong in our faith!

(Allow children to raise their hands.)

Francis: Great! Let’s stand up and sing a song together!

Remember, Think, Follow                                    [1:00]

VIDEO: Chandelier (High)

Francis: Great job princes and princesses! Before you sit down, I want all princes to give your eGroup Leader a majestic bow, and all princesses to give your eGroup Leader a majestic curtsy.

(Allow children time to bow or curtsy, then sit down.)

Francis: Princes and princesses! Before the Royal Ball begins, we need to remember our Bible story, think about the good things from our story, and follow the example set by the people in the Bible story. Let’s get ready to remember (hold hands like a book), think (point to head), and follow (march in place.)

AUDIO: Remember Verse Song

Francis: First, let’s REMEMBER (hold hands like a book) who was in our Bible story. Who was the Bible story about today?

(Allow children to answer – “Mary!”)

Francis: Yes, that’s right!

Francis: Now, let’s THINK (point to head) about the good things from our Bible story. What did Mary do when she found out she would be Jesus’s mommy?

(Allow children to answer – “Sang a song to thank God!”)

Francis: Yes! Great job princes and princesses.

Francis: Now, let’s say how can we FOLLOW (march in place) Mary’s example. Can you thank God for all the things he gives us?

(Allow children to answer – “Yes!”)

Francis: Great job princes and princesses!

The Royal Ball Intro                                  [1:00]

VIDEO: Chandelier (High)

Francis: The Royal Ball is one of the biggest events in the kingdom, where all the princes and princesses dance and celebrate the time we’ve spent in the Queen’s castle. In order to prepare for the Royal Ball to begin, let’s all get our dancing shoes on! Everyone tie your pretend royal dancing shoes on tight because we are going to dance like we’re happily ever after!

(Allow children to tie their pretend dancing shoes.)

Francis: Great! Now let’s get warmed up! I’m going to show you a few royal dance moves you can use during the ball today. I need all the princesses to stand up!

(Allow girls to stand up.)

Francis: One of the best royal moves you can use today at the ball is a royal twirl. Princesses, let me see you twirl around in a circle!

(Francis demonstrates a twirl for the girls, and then allows them time to twirl around a few times.)

Francis: That was majestic! Now, I need all princes to stand up with our princesses. Princes, during the Royal Ball today, it will be fun for you to dance in a circle around the princesses. Princes, find a princess around you and dance in a circle around them!

(Francis allows boys time to dance in a circle around the princesses.)

Francis: It looks like we are ready for the Royal Ball! Let me hear you shout if you are ready for the Royal Ball!

LIGHTING: As the children shout, Production turns on the white lights to signify the start of theRoyal Ball.

(Francis allows the children to shout loud.)

The Royal Ball                                [4:30]

VIDEO: Chandelier (High)

AUDIO: Royal Ball Playlist

(A playlist of songs will play and Francis will lead the children in dancing at the Royal Ball. The song will sometimes tell children what to do, and Francis should lead by example for the children to follow. When not being instructed by the song, Francis should dance around, keeping the energy high. Francis can leave the stage to dance with the children in the audience.)

Dismissal                                [0:30]

Francis: (As the playlist comes to an end) What a celebration! I’ve never seen so many great prince and princess dancers in this entire kingdom!

AUDIO: Clock Strikes

Francis: Princes and princesses! You know what that sound means? The Royal Ball has come to an end and it’s time for everyone to go home. I had a great time celebrating at the Royal Ball with you all, and I hope to see you around the Queen’s castle again soon. I bid you farewell my royal friends!

(Walks off stage, waving to the children.)

Video: Quest Dismissal Slides

(Cue the dismissal slides for each Quest Animal eGroup.)