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Quest LG :: Nov 21/22


Bible Story:

Paul and Silas Singing In Jail
Acts 16:16-34

Main Point:

I can give thanks 
(point to self)
with my WORSHIP!
(waves hands in air, left and right)

Memory Verse:

And whatever you do (point out)
whether in word or deed (cup hands around mouth)
do it all (CLAP each word)
in the name of the Lord Jesus, (point up)
giving thanks to God the Father through him. (prayer hands)
Colossians 3:17


We are heading to Quest Cinemas to go on a Bible Adventure! We will discover new things in the Bible, learn our memory verse, pray and talk to God, and sing songs to God.


Flash – Flash is an employee at the Quest Cinemas concession stand. He loves watching movies and learning stories about the Bible from each of them!


FLASHLIGHT:  Flash carries the flashlight on stage at the beginning of Large Group.

Quest Rules Video                                              [1:45]

Video: Quest Rules Video

Welcome to Quest Cinemas!                            [1:00]

Video: QCPR Screen Graphic

(Walks on stage, carrying a flashlight.)

Flash: Hello movie-goers! It’s good to see you again at Quest Cinemas! My name is Flash and I work at the movie theater. Today at Quest Cinemas we are showing a special Movie of the Day! Today’s Movie of the Day helps us learn how we can be thankful with our WORSHIP. Raise your hand if you’re ready to hear all about the Movie of the Day!

(Allow children to raise their hands.)

Fantastic! (Cup hand around ear and encourage children to do the same.) Everyone lean in and listen closely.Flash: (Speaking slowly, but very animated) Today’s Movie of the Day stars some really funny vegetables who can talk! Their names are Larry and Bob, and they like to dress up as funny characters and teach us about stories in the Bible! If you know what our Movie of the Day is, shout it out with me on the count of three … 1 … 2 … 3!

Flash: (Shout along with the children and pump fist into the air as you shout.) VEGGIE TALES!Flash: Great guessing, friends! It looks like we’re ready for our Movie of the Day. Let’s turn the lights down …

Lighting: Cue as soon as Flash calls to turn the lights down, and dim lights to the lowest setting with the lights still on.

(Flash turns on the flashlight.)Flash: … and get ready for our movie!(Flash walks off stage, using the flashlight to light the ground as he/she makes his/her way off stage.)

Movie of the Day: Madame Blueberry         [18:24]

Video: QCPR_Veggie Tales WK3

Main Point Review                                           [0:30]

Video: QCPR Screen Graphic

Flash: What a great Movie of the Day! Madame Blueberry learned she can give thanks with her WORSHIP! She thought she could be happy if she got all the “stuff” from Stuff-Mart to fill her house, but learned all she really needed was a happy heart. Madame Blueberry decided to give thanks with her WORSHIP by being thankful for what God had given her. Raise your hand if you can give thanks with your WORSHIP, just like Madame Blueberry!

(Allow children to raise their hands.)

Flash: Amazing! Today during our Movie of the Day, we learned…

I can give thanks (point to self)
with my WORSHIP (waves hands in air, left and right)

Flash: Repeat it after me friends! Ready? 1 … 2 … 3!

I can give thanks (point to self)
(Allow time for children to repeat.)
with my WORSHIP! (waves hands in air, left and right)
(Allow time for children to repeat.)

Flash: Great job!

Remember, Think, Follow                                 [1:00]

VIDEO: QCPR Screen Graphic

Flash: While watching our Movie of the Day about Madame Blueberry, it reminded me of the Bible story we read earlier today about Paul and Silas. Everyone put on your thinking caps and get ready to remember, think, and follow!

AUDIO: Remember Verse Song                        [0:39]

(Flash will lead the children in hand motions, encouraging them to sit down while singing.)

Flash: Let’s remember (hold hands like a book) our Bible story, think (point to head) about the good things from our story, and
follow (march in place) the example set by the people in the Bible story.Flash: First, let’s REMEMBER (hold hands like a book)… who were the men in our Bible story today?(Allow children to answer – “Paul and Silas!”)

Flash: Yes, that’s right!

Flash: Now, let’s THINK (point to head) about the good things from our Bible story. How did Paul and Silas show they were thankful to God?

(Allow children to answer – “By worshiping Him!”)Flash: Yes! Great job.Flash: Now, let’s say how can we FOLLOW (march in place) the example set in our Bible story. Can you worship God to show you are thankful like Paul and Silas?(Allow children to answer – “Yes!”)

Flash: Wonderful

Ending Credits                                                    [0:30]

Video: QCPR Screen Graphic

Flash: Well friends, after all the fun we’ve had today at Quest Cinemas, it’s time for you to leave the theater! We’ve got another showing of today’s Movie of the Day, so we’ve got to get the Theater ready for our next movie-goers.

Flash: I had fun visiting with you and I hope you enjoyed our Movie of the Day today! Remember to give thanks with your WORSHIP! See you next time.

(Exits the stage, waving to the children.)

Video: Quest Dismissal Slides