One Response to “@eKidz are making a difference this #LoveWeek”

  1. Liza Natal says:

    My new 5 year old of two days and 9 year old helped decorate and put together snack packs at Elevation LKN tonight. They were both so into it and excited it filled my heart. In a world where ianythings,laptops and gameing systems are the norm. It really stopped them and made them think that there are kids who don’t even get I have a snack. They drew designs and filled bags like they were filled with a spirit I’ve never seen. When we prayed they lifted their hands to God stretching till they thought their arms might come out because they want the children they were helping tonight to feel their love. My 5 year old asked on the way he how we all felt because he said he felt good to help kids who didn’t have what he does. Thank you Pastor Steven and Elevation Church for allowing us the opportunity to help. It takes a village and were proud to be a part of the tribe. God bless ❤️^

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