6 Responses to “@ElevationChurch @eKidz Curriculum Free for Churches”

  1. Maria Vasquez says:

    I am needing new curriculum for our k-6th ministry and came across yours by word of mouth from another church who is really enjoying it. Please let me know how I can access the free curriculum. I would like to see it and be ready for the fall as we launch into a new ministry season.

    Thank you and blessings.

    Maria Vasquez

  2. Sarah Gray says:

    Hi I’m wondering how can I get the curriculum for preschool for my church thanks.

  3. eKidz Staff says:

    Hey Maria –

    You can find free curriculum at this site: http://resources.elevationchurch.org/.

    eKidz Team

  4. eKidz Staff says:

    Hey Sarah –

    You can find free curriculum at this site: http://resources.elevationchurch.org/

    eKidz Team

  5. I am interested in finding great Pre School Sunday / Wednesday curriculums for our Pre School classes. HELP PLease

  6. eKidz Staff says:

    Hey Susan-

    You can download preschool curriculum from the Elevation resources page: http://resources.elevationchurch.org/

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