Motion eGroup :: Week of September 17

Instructional Video

High Wire

“When The Pressure is On, You Can Trust God is With You.”

Bible Story:
Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams
Genesis 41



Painters tape, verse cup (1), stopwatch

DO: Start by introducing yourself and welcoming kids to your eGroup. Ask them about their week and interests. Use the following questions to generate discussion:

  • What’s something cool that happened this week?
  • What was the favorite part of your week?
  • Have you ________ (seen/eaten/listened to/read) any good_________ (movies/TV shows/food/music/books) lately?
  • What are you looking forward to next week?Once you have five to six kids begin playing “Balancing Act 2.0.”
  • • Make a long zigzag tape line across your eGroup area. Kids willwalk along this line while balancing a cup on their heads.
    • At three random points along the line, make an ‘X’ across theline with the tape.
    • Decide what “challenge” should be presented at these points

    based on the age and abilities of your group (crouch, kneel,

    hop, stand on one foot, or twirl, etc).
    • Give each kid a cup and instruct them to balance it on their

    heads while navigating the tapeline with the challenges. (The cup will probably sit best on kids’ heads if they put it upside down on their heads.)

    • If kids run through this activity quickly, use the stopwatch and let them compete for time on the course. You can also increase the difficulty of the challenges.


MEMORY VERSE is a time to introduce the series virtue and memory verse. Choose one of the memory verse activity options to help your kids practice the verse. After this activity, GO TO LARGE GROUP.


Bibles, Bible highlighters, memory verse card, target board, painter’s tape, beanbag, verse cups (2 sets, 10 cups each)

SAY: “Welcome to eGroup! My name is _______ and I’m your eGroup leader! As an eGroup we will hang out together during Motion, hear stories from the Bible, learn what it means to live for Jesus, and play games!

This week we begin a new series called High Wire, where we’ll learn about trusting God even when it isn’t easy. Whether we feel alone, our lives don’t make sense, or we’re facing pressure, we can always trust God no matter what. Our Bible verse, Proverbs 3:5-6, tells us that if we trust God, even when we don’t understand everything, He promises to guide us and help us. Let’s memorize this verse to help us remember to trust God in every situation.”


  • Read the verse out loud: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”
  • Help kids look up the memory verse in their Bibles. Encourage children to use the Bible highlighters to underline the verse in their Bible. Give a memory verse card to kids without a Bible.
  • Choose one of the memory verse games: “Target Practice” or “Verse Stacking”.


  • Place the target board on the floor and tape along the edges to secure the board to the floor. Also use the tape to mark a starting line about two feet away from the target board.
  • Divide kids into two teams. Form two lines behind the starting line and have kids take turns tossing the beanbag at the target.
      • If any part of the beanbag touches circle one, the other team says the verse together.
      • If any part of the beanbag touches circle two, the kid who tossed it can choose any two kids on the other team to say the verse together.
      • If any part of the beanbag touches circle three, the eGroup Leader says the verse.
      • If the beanbag touches more than one circle or is not touching any circles, the tossing team says the verse together.


  • Divide kids into two teams. Give each team a set of verse cups.
  • Tell kids they have to put the verse together by stacking the cups in order in a pyramid shape. (eGL Tip: If kids are having a hard time, encourage them to put the cups in order in one long line first, then use the last four cups as the bottom row and build up backwards from there.)



In the BIBLE STORY activity, kids will use LEGO® people to act out the Bible story and explore how Joseph trusted God, even when he was under intense pressure.

10-15 Minutes

Bibles, Bible story sheet, 6 LEGO people


  • Have kids sit in a circle with their Bibles and instruct kids to turn to Genesis 41:1. NOTE: This may take time, but it helps kids learn skills for reading the Bible on their own. If needed, encourage kids to use the table of contents in their Bible and then decide if the book is in the Old or New Testament.
  • Hand out the LEGO® people and help kids assign roles to them: Pharaoh, the cupbearer, Joseph, Asenath, Manasseh, and Ephraim. Larger groups can redistribute the LEGO® people partway through the story so every kid can have a turn.
  • Read the Bible story aloud as directed on the Bible story sheet and encourage kids to following along while using the LEGO® people to act it out.PRONUNCIATION GUIDE
    • Asenath: AS-ah-nath
    • Manasseh: Muh-NASS-uh
    • Ephraim: EH-from

SAY: “Can you believe it was TWO YEARS before the cupbearer remembered to mention Joseph to Pharaoh? And then Joseph was called to stand before the most powerful man in the land to give him answers he was desperate for. Talk about pressure! I love how Joseph told Pharaoh he couldn’t interpret dreams but God could. Joseph trusted God under intense pressure, and then he became second in command in Egypt. Wow! When the pressure is on, you can trust God is with you.”

Discussion Questions:

• “When you feel like you’re under pressure, it means you feel extra worried or uncomfortable about something going on in your life. What makes you feel like you’re under pressure? Does it usually come from yourself, your parents, your teachers, or your friends? What do you feel during those times? How do you deal with those feelings?”

• “How does it help to know God is with you at those times? How does this change how willing you are to try your best, to give something your best shot, even when it is hard or there is pressure?”




In the APPLICATION activity, kids will think about tough situations they might face that would cause them to feel like they’re under pressure and discuss how they could respond in a Godly way.

8-10 Minutes

Bingo cards, Bingo chips, Bingo scenarios


  • Give each kid a Bingo card and nine Bingo chips.
  • Hold the Bingo scenarios in your hand like they’re playing cards. One at a time, have a kid choose a scenario.
  • Read the scenario out loud and tell kids to put a Bingo chipover the picture on their Bingo card that matches the scenario.
  • Ask kids how they would feel if that scenario really happened. How might that affect them and their family? How would they react? How would God want them to react?
  • Continue playing until a kid gets a “Bingo ‘L’” (five consecutive spots around the edge of the board, creating an ‘L’).

SAY: “Those were all pretty tough situations. When we face tough situations in our lives, the pressure we feel can be overwhelming. It would be easy to panic or respond angrily, but if we choose to trust God is with us and call out to Him for help, He will give us the peace to push through it. You don’t have to let yourself be buried under pressure, because when the pressure is on, you can trust God is with you.”




8-10 Minutes

eKidz Prayer Journal, pens, painter’s tape, stopwatch

SAY: “The more you prepare, the less pressure you feel. For you, that means the more you remember when the pressure’s on, you can trust God is with you, the easier it will be to deal with pressure when we face it. Let’s ask God to help us trust Him under pressure.”

DO: Write down any prayer requests in your eKidz Prayer Journal. Kids can share their requests out loud or can write them directly in the journal.

SUGGESTED PRAYER: “Dear God, thank You that You always listen to us and You never leave us. Please help us to trust You this week when the pressure is on at home, at school, in sports, or wherever we are that we feel anxious. We know You will be with us everywhere we go and through everything we face. Amen.”

SAY: “Circus performers who take on the high wire need to have excellent balance! Let’s test your balancing skills with a game of ‘Tight Rope Simon Says!’”


  • Make a tapeline on the floor long enough for each kid to stand and have at least three feet of personal space. You may need to make several lines.
  • Instruct kids to find a space on the line and spread out from each other.
  • Explain that you’re pretending the line is a tight rope and they have to stay on it while they play “Simon Says.”
  • In addition to the regular “Simon Says’ rules, if either foot touches the ground without also touching the line, they’re out.
  • Call out the following actions. Make up additional actions as time allows.
      • Stand on one foot for 10 seconds.
      • Swing one leg out to the side and hold it for five seconds.
      • Do a flamingo pose for 10 seconds.
      • Hop on one foot five times.
      • Jump and face the other way three times.
      • Skip in place for 10 seconds.



no supplies

SAY: “In Motion we want you to Bring It! to church each weekend! The Bring It! Challenge encourages you to bring yourself, your Bible, your friends, and scripture you’ve learned to Motion. Not only can you be rewarded for bringing it, but the Bring It! Challenge is a fun way to grow and learn more about God and how He wants us to live.

During High Wire, you can earn up to five pieces of candy by playing the “High Wire Disk Drop” game each week! All you have to do is show me Proverbs 3:5-6 in your Bible AND recite it from memory!”

DO: Encourage kids to show you Proverbs 3:5-6 in their Bible AND recite the verse from memory. Kids must do both to earn a chance to play “High Wire Disk Drop.”

•Send any kids who complete the Bring It! Challenge to the Host to get their candy by playing “High Wire Disk Drop.”