Motion Large Group Week of February 11

Behind the Scenes

Virtue: Love: Choosing to treat others the way you want to be treated.
Main Point: Comfort others who are hurting.
Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm
Bible Passage: Mark 4:35-41
Memory Verse: “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” 1 John 4:10, NIV


Welcome / Video Intro

“Happy Valentine’s week, Motion! I’m so glad you’re here to go Behind The Scenes and learn what it means to show love. Throughout this series we’ll be learning what makes a great love story and how the Bible gives us examples of ways to love those around us. Let’s kick off today by saying our virtue for this month together. Take a look at this screen and say this with me:

Love: Choosing to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Earlier today you heard a remarkable story about how Jesus calmed a raging storm and comforted his friends who were hurting. I think our friend Harper may know a little more about what it means to comfort somebody in need – let’s see what she’s up to this week! Check out the screen!”

Video Host Intro

252 Story

Video Host Outro

Connect Questions

“God doesn’t want us to live in fear, and He uses us to help to help others realize that He is with them in their hurting. We can love others by the way we comfort them through their storms. In your eGroups today you’ll have the opportunity to talk to each other about what it takes to comfort others. Circle around your eGroup leaders now!”

(give kids time to circle around eGroup leaders)

First question: How might the disciples have felt when the storm started? Discuss that now.

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Second question: When was the last time you were afraid of something? Discuss that now.

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Now Motion, our final question is our ‘See What God Can Do Through You’ question. Today’s question is: When someone is afraid of something, how can you use today’s Bible story to comfort them?”

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Worship Intro

“Great job, everybody! I heard some incredible answers coming from your eGroups today.

Now, I want everybody to stand to their feet

(encourage kids to stand)

because we have the opportunity to thank God for who He is and all that He has done for us. We’re going to sing and dance to ‘Undefeated’. Let’s get ready to worship!”

Worship Song – Undefeated

Worship Song – Endless Praise

Dismissal To eGroups

“Great job, Motion! Everybody stay standing because it’s time for us to head back to our eGroups. When I call your eGroup leaders’ name, you can follow them back.”

(dismiss kids back to eGroups)


VIP Welcome

“Welcome back from your eGroups! Before we continue, I wanted to take a moment and welcome some very special guests who came to visit us for the first time. Motion, help me welcome our VIPs!

(initiate applause)

If it’s your first time here, we consider you a VIP – a very important person! VIPs, turn your attention to the screen because I’ve got some special instructions just for you.

(refer to the screen)

This is a VIP lanyard. If you’re a VIP, you’re wearing this around your neck right now.

[VIP Slide – Lanyard]

When you leave Motion, you need to take that lanyard to the __________ tent called the Welcome Area.

[VIP Slide – Welcome Area]

Once you get to the Welcome Area, show them your lanyard and they will give you a gift!

[VIP Slide – Gift]

Let’s review.

[VIP Slide – All Combined]

VIP Lanyard + Welcome Area = Gift.”

Game Setup – Cheek Retractor Challenge

“Motion, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend and nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than someone saying it like this:

(cue video of people saying I Love You with cheek retractors)

What in the world am I talking about and what does it have to do with today’s game? Well the newest Fun With The Finders video on the eKidz YouTube page has the team playing with these things called Cheek Retractors, which make it almost impossible for your friends to tell what you’re saying. In fact, check out the video now to see what I’m talking about!

(watch The Finders video on the screen)

Alright, motion, today’s game is the Cheek Retractor Challenge, just like The Finders played in today’s video.

The game is simple: I’ll put the cheek retractor in my mouth and read a phrase off of my card. When you think you know what I’m saying, your game group will write the answer on the white board and hold it up. After 20 seconds, I’ll stop talking and see which game groups were able to write down the correct answer. If you get it right, you’ll earn 100 points and the game group that earns the most points at the end of the game wins our Cheek Retractor Challenge! Circle around your game groups and we’ll pass out the supplies you need to play our awesome game.”

Game – Cheek Retractor Challenge

YouTube Page Info

“Great job during today’s game, Motion! If you loved today’s super gross game, then you can find this one and more like it on our eKidz YouTube page! Make sure you stop by the page for all of the latest Fun with the Finders videos as well as the chance to get caught up on all the past seasons of The Finders as well!”

Bring It! Challenge Setup

“Now it’s time for us to clean up these game materials and get ready for our Bring It! Challenge.

(collect all game materials and make sure eGroup leaders have supplies to complete the Bring It! Challenge)

During this month’s Bring It! Challenge, you’ll need to do the following three things to receive a prize:

  1. FIND 1 John 4:10 in your Bible and show it to your eGroup leader
  2. RECITE our memory verse for this series, 1 John 4:10. In fact, let’s say it together right now!
    (refer to the verse on the screen and have the kids say it with you)
  3. SAY our virtue for this series. In fact, that’s on the screen now, too! Say it with me!

(refer to the virtue slide on the screen)

Ok, so let’s recap. To earn your prize, you’ll need to FIND this month’s verse, RECITE the verse to your eGroup leader, and SAY the virtue for this month. Circle around your eGroup leaders and let’s work on that now!”

Bring It! Challenge

252 Movie Intro

“Before your parents begin to arrive, we’re going to check in with the best news team in the nation, the ENN – the Emotional News Network team. Take a look at the screen!”

252 Movie