Motion Large Group Week of June 17

Gadgets and Gizmos

Virtue: Creativity: Imagining what you could do because you are made in God’s image.
Main Point: God made you.
Bible Story: Adam and Eve
Bible Passage: Genesis 1:26 – 2:25
Memory Verse: “How you made me is amazing and wonderful. I praise you for that.” Psalm 139:14 (NIrV)


Welcome / Video Intro

“Welcome to Motion and welcome to Gadgets and Gizmos! We’re learning all about God’s creativity and what it means to be made in His image. Now what exactly is creativity? Take a look at the screen and let’s say this together:

Creativity: Imagining what you could do because you are made in God’s image.

In today’s Bible story we’re learning that God made you and me, and that means that you have value and you’re important to God, just like Adam and Eve were in our Bible story today. Let’s take another look at today’s Bible story to find out more.”

Video Host Intro

252 Story

Video Host Outro

Connect Questions

“From nothing, God made everything—including Adam and Eve. However, not only did God make Adam and Eve, but He also made you and me. The God of the universe created us, and WE are one of the masterpieces that God created.

Now, let’s answer a few questions about today’s Bibles story. Circle around your eGroup leaders now!”

(give kids time to circle around eGroup leaders)

First question: Why did God create people? Discuss that now.

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Second question: Why did God say Adam needed a friend to be with him in the garden? Discuss that now.

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Now Motion, it’s time for our final question: God doesn’t want us to be lonely. How can you be a friend to someone who needs it this week? Discuss that with your eGroup now.”

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Worship Intro

“Great job, everybody! I heard some incredible answers coming from your eGroups today. It’s time for us to celebrate God’s love as we stand to our feet and sing songs of thanks and praise. Stand to your feet as we sing, ‘Wake.’

Worship Song – Wake

Worship Song – One In A Million

Dismissal To eGroups

“Great job, Motion! Everybody stay standing because it’s time for us to head back to our eGroups. When I call your eGroup leaders’ name, you can follow them back.”

(dismiss kids back to eGroups)


VIP Welcome

“Welcome back from your eGroups! Before we continue, I wanted to take a moment and welcome some very special guests who came to visit us for the first time. Motion, help me welcome our VIPs!

(initiate applause)

If it’s your first time here, we consider you a VIP – a very important person! VIPs, turn your attention to the screen because I’ve got some special instructions just for you.

(refer to the screen)

This is a VIP lanyard. If you’re a VIP, you’re wearing this around your neck right now.

[VIP Slide – Lanyard]

When you leave Motion, you need to take that lanyard to the __________ tent called the Welcome Area.

[VIP Slide – Welcome Area]

Once you get to the Welcome Area, show them your lanyard and they will give you a gift!

[VIP Slide – Gift]

Let’s review.

[VIP Slide – All Combined]

VIP Lanyard + Welcome Area = Gift.

If you have any questions about where to go or what to do, just ask someone in a blue eKidz shirt and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!”

Game Setup – Whassat Gadget?

“During this series we’re learning all about gadgets, gizmos, and a bunch of other cool tech toys that make the world a more interesting and fun place to live. We’re going to test to see how much you know about technology in today’s game called, ‘Whassat Gadget?’

Everybody say, ‘Whassat gadget!’

(wait for kids to respond)

In just a moment I’m going to show you a zoomed in gadget or gizmo on the screen. You’ll have to guess which gadget you’re seeing by moving across the room to the answer you think is correct. For example, if you think the correct answer is in green, you’ll move to the green cone. If you think the answer is in yellow, you’ll move to the yellow cone. Then, we’ll show which answer is correct and find out which of you knows the most about gadgets and gizmos!

Everyone take a look at the screen and get ready to play ‘Whassat Gadget?’!”

Game – Whassat Gadget?

Bring It! Challenge Setup

“Now it’s time for us to clean up these game materials and get ready for our Bring It! Challenge.

(collect all game materials and make sure eGroup leaders have supplies to complete the Bring It! Challenge)

During this month’s Bring It! Challenge, you’ll need to do the following three things to receive a prize. Check out the screen.

(watch the Bring It! Challenge video)

That’s right, Motion! To receive your Bring It! Prize, you’ll need to

  1. FIND Psalm 139:14 in your Bible and show it to your eGroup leader

2. RECITE our memory verse for this series, Psalm 139:14.

3. SAY our virtue for this series. In fact, that’s on the screen now, too!

(say the virtue again with the kids)

Creativity: Imagining what you could do because you are made in God’s image.

Ok, so let’s recap. To earn your prize, you’ll need to FIND this month’s verse, RECITE the verse to your eGroup leader, and SAY the virtue for this month. Circle around your eGroup leaders and let’s work on that now!”

Bring It! Challenge

252 Movie Intro

“Before your parents begin to arrive, we’re going to see another version of today’s story of the Creation. Take a look at the screen!”

252 Movie