Motion Large Group :: Week of November 5




Letting someone know you see how valuable they really are.

Main Point

Honor others by giving them a chance.

Memory Verse

“Love one another deeply. Honor others more than yourselves.” Romans 12:10

Bible Story

Samuel Anoints David

1 Samuel 16:1-13


Welcome / Intro

“Hello Motion and welcome to Spotlight, our series all about how we can shine a light and honor those around us.

Now, have you ever seen an award show where people are honored for something they did in sports, movies, or music? Well, we thought it’d be fun to host our own award show!

“In the category of ‘Coolest Kicks, the winner is…

(build tension, ask for a drumroll)

________! Come on up to the stage!

I just wanted to say congratulations on having the coolest pair of kicks in the house today. Why don’t you show those off to the rest of the room?

(show off the kids’ shoes to the room)

Well done, [kid’s name], you’re always one step ahead of us all. You can have a seat.

Now Motion, it’s time for us to explore what it really means to put the spotlight on honor. Check out the screen!

Video Host Intro

252 Story

Connect Questions / Dismissal to eGroups

“In front of Jesse and David’s brothers, Samuel took oil and poured it on David’s head. This marked him as the one God had chosen. Even though David seemed the least likely brother to become king, God had used Samuel to give David a chance. And that brings us to our bottom line for today:

Honor others by giving them a chance.

“So often, we look at the outside, but God always looks at the heart. And that’s what you and I need to do as well. it’s almost time for us to head

(give kids time to circle around eGroup leaders)

First question: Why do you think God didn’t choose any of David’s brothers who might have looked more like a king? Discuss that question now.

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Second question: Have you ever been overlooked for something like David’s brothers? How did that make you feel? Discus that now.

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Final question and it’s today’s ‘See What God Can Do Through You’ question: When someone gets picked for something over you, how can you respond the way God wants you to respond? Discuss that question now.”

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Worship Intro

“Great job, everybody! I heard some incredible answer coming from your eGroups today.

Right now it’s time for us to go to God in worship and thank Him for what He’s done. The Bible is filled with amazing promises, and one of those is that God is for us. Every single day we can hold on to that truth. Let’s sing and celebrate that God is on our side. Stand to your feet as we sing ‘This Is Living!’”

Worship Song – This Is Living

Worship Song – Shine A Light

Dismissal To eGroups

“Great job, Motion! Everybody stay standing because it’s time for us to head back to our eGroups. When I call your eGroup leaders’ name, you can stand up and follow them back.”

(dismiss kids back to eGroups)


VIP Welcome

“Welcome back from your eGroups! Before we dive back in to Fear Inc., let’s take a moment and welcome a special group of people who are here for the first time today. Motion, help me welcome our VIPs!

(initiate applause)

If it’s your first time here, we consider you a VIP – a very important person! VIPs, turn your attention to the screen because I’ve got some special instructions just for you.

(refer to the screen)

This is a VIP lanyard. If you’re a VIP, you’re wearing this around your neck right now.

[VIP Slide – Lanyard]

When you leave Motion, you need to take that lanyard to the orange tent called the Welcome Area.

[VIP Slide – Welcome Area]

Once you get to the Welcome Area, show them your lanyard and they will give you a gift!

[VIP Slide – Gift]

Let’s review.

[VIP Slide – All Combined]

VIP Lanyard + Welcome Area = Gift.”

Game Setup – Show, Don’t Tell

Spotlight is a series all about showcasing talents and showing who’s got what it takes to make it on the Motion stage. Today’s game will showcase some of the best artists we’ve got in a game called Show, Don’t Tell.

In today’s game, we’re going to play a game similar to Pictionary, but in today’s game, I’m going to show everyone in the crowd a word and the crowd will have to act it out. The first kid on stage to correctly draw the is acting out wins that round. After each round, we’ll call a new kid to come on stage to participate in the drawing. The biggest rule for those drawing, when I’m showing the crowd the word on the screen, you can’t turn around and look. You’ve got to be facing forward and facing the crowd

Now, in order for you kids in the crowd to play this game the way it was meant to be played, I want you all to repeat after me:

I will not cheat

(wait for kids to repeat)

That means you are not allowed to say the word out loud that the guesser is trying to draw, you can only act it out. If you do say the word out loud, I’ll have you sit out the next round say that the rest of us can enjoy the game the way it’s meant to be played.

Let me bring up one kid from each round and we’ll get ready to play Show, Don’t Tell!”

Game – Show, Don’t Tell

Bring It! Challenge Setup

“Motion, you all did an incredible job today and I’m so glad you’re going to join us during our time in Spotlight. Throughout this series you’ll have the opportunity to win cool prizes by being able to say your memory verse for the series and find it in the Bible. Everyone turn to your eGroup leaders and you’ll have an opportunity to earn your prize now.”

Bring It! Challenge Setup

252 Movie Intro

“Motion, we had a ton of fun today as we kicked out our new series Spotlight, and we got the chance to hear an amazing story about how Samuel chose David to be the next king of Israel. I wonder what that story might look like if we turned it into a musical. Let’s find out! Check out the screen!”

252 Movie Intro

Video Outro

(if time remains after watching the videos, you can play another round of the game)