Motion Large Group :: Week of October 28

The Aetherlight: A Finders Adventure

Main Point: I can show courage because I know God is with me.
Bible Story: Daniel in the Den of Lions
Bible Passage: Daniel 6
Memory Verse: “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15:58, NIV


Welcome / Video Intro

“Hello Motion and welcome to The Aetherlight**: A Finders Adventure. This week we’re reaching the end of our journey into Aethasia* where we’ve been following Alex from The Finders as he’s been learning courage. Speaking of courage, let’s take a look at the screen and check out what courage is.

Courage: Taking the fist step, even when something is difficult.

That’s right, Motion! Even when things are difficult, we shouldn’t be afraid to do what God’s called us to do and take the next step.

Now, it’s time for the final episode of The Aetherlight**: A Finders Adventure. Motion, get ready for the big finale! Check out the screen!

The Aetherlight Episode 4

Connect Questions

“Motion, put your hands together for this amazing series! What an awesome adventure.

Alex was able to take what he learned inside the game and use that same courage to begin being a friend to someone who was teasing him. That’s an awesome example of what this month’s virtue, courage, is all about.

Now, it’s time for us to circle around our eGroup leaders and answer a few questions about the episode we just watched as well as today’s Bible story. Circle around your eGroup leaders now!

(give kids time to circle around eGroup leaders)

First question: In what ways did Alex show courage during this episode? Discuss that now.

(give kids one minute to answer the question)

Second question: Showing kindness to people who have been mean to us can be difficult and takes courage. Is there someone you need to show kindness to this week? How will you do that? Discuss that now.

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Now Motion, it’s time for our final question: How can you show courage at school this week? Is it easier to show courage knowing that God is always with you? Discuss that with your eGroup now.”

(give kids two minutes to answer the question)

Worship Intro

“Great job, everybody! I heard some incredible answers coming from your eGroups today. Now it’s time for us to worship God and thank Him for the things he’s done! When we remember all the things God’s done for us, we can have the courage to face anything! I want everybody to stand to your feet, and get ready to clap and dance as we sing, ‘Alive!’”

Worship Song – Alive

Worship Song – Undefeated

Dismissal To eGroups

“Great job, Motion! Everybody stay standing because it’s time for us to head back to our eGroups. When I call your eGroup leaders’ name, you can follow them back.”

(dismiss kids back to eGroups)


VIP Welcome

“Welcome back from your eGroups! Before we continue, I wanted to take a moment and welcome some very special guests who came to visit us for the first time. Motion, help me welcome our VIPs!

(initiate applause)

If it’s your first time here, we consider you a VIP – a very important person! VIPs, turn your attention to the screen because I’ve got some special instructions just for you.

(refer to the screen)

This is a VIP lanyard. If you’re a VIP, you’re wearing this around your neck right now.

[VIP Slide – Lanyard]

When you leave Motion, you need to take that lanyard to the __________ tent called the Welcome Area.

[VIP Slide – Welcome Area]

Once you get to the Welcome Area, show them your lanyard and they will give you a gift!

[VIP Slide – Gift]

Let’s review.

[VIP Slide – All Combined]

VIP Lanyard + Welcome Area = Gift.

If you have any questions about where to go or what to do, just ask someone in a blue eKidz shirt and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!”

Bring It! Challenge Setup

“Now Motion, it’s time for our Bring It! Challenge!

During this month’s Bring It! Challenge, you can do three things to earn a trading card. Check out the screen.

(watch the Bring It! Challenge video)

That’s right, Motion! You:

  1. FIND 1 Corinthians 15:58 in your Bible and show it to your eGroup leader, you earn one trading card.

2.  RECITE our memory verse for this series, 1 Corinthians 15:58, you earn one trading card.

3.  SAY our virtue for this series, you earn one trading card.

Ok, so let’s recap. You’ll earn a trading card each time you FIND this month’s verse, RECITE the verse to your eGroup leader, and SAY the virtue for this month.

This is the last week of the Bring It! Challenge for The Aetherlight: A Finders Adventure, so let’s review what it takes to earn the prizes for this series:

Game Builder’s Challenge: Collect Alex, Zack, and the Arcade Cabinet to earn an Aetherlight Arcade Candy box.

World Builder’s Challenge: Collect characters from the Aetherlight world to earn the official The Aetherlight: A Finders Adventure comic book.

Gear Builder’s Challenge: Collect all of the trading cards from this series to earn your very own Aetherlight hat.

Circle around your eGroup leaders and we’ll begin working on our Bring It! Challenge now!”

Bring It! Challenge

Aetherlight Game Reminder

“Great job during the Bring It! Challenge, Motion!

Although Alex’s adventure in Aethasia may have come to an end, yours doesn’t have to! Remember that inside your trading card starter packs was a code to go play The Aetherlight and start your own adventure! Just follow the instructions on the card and meet up with hundreds of other kids all across the world who have shown courage and joined the Resistance.”

Game Setup – Showdown

“Now Motion, it’s time for today’s game.

In the finale of our series, Alex came face to face with Tiny, the giant Automaton*. In this game, Tiny will be hunting down the Aether Boiler hidden among members of your Game Group. Here’s how this game works:

Each Game Group will form a circle and one member of the group will be chosen as Tiny. Tiny will stand in the middle of the circle and close his or her eyes tightly. Then I’ll say ‘Go!’ and the rest of the Game Group will pass around the Aether Boiler. When I yell ‘Freeze!’ whoever is holding the Aether Boiler will put it behind their back and all kids will then pretend like they are holding the Aether Boiler as well.

Then, when I say ‘Tiny, find the Boiler!’ Tiny will open his or her eyes and guess which kid is holding the Aether Boiler. Tiny only has three guesses, but if Tiny can guess which kid is holding the Aether Boiler, Tiny will receive this awesome Tiny character button as your prize!

(refer to the button image on the screen)

Let’s go ahead and divide into your Game Groups, or groups of 10. Do that now.

(Give kids one minute to divide into Game Groups. During this time, give each Game Group an Aether Boiler)

Ok, now choose who is gong to be Tiny and Tiny can go ahead and close his or her eyes tightly. Let’s get ready to play!”

Game – Showdown


“Motion, you did an amazing job today, and I’m so glad you’ve been able to go on this adventure through Aethasia with us!
As your parents begin to arrive, take a few minutes and trade cards with your friends since this is the last week to earn your prizes and remember to continue the adventure in Aethasia by playing the Aetherlight game!”