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Fairy Tale Trials at Home (Week 3)

In this week’s episode of Fairy Tale Trials, our “Little Reds” took on one of the most fun Minute-to-Win-It challenges ever – “Face the Cookie”! For an evening full of laughs, try out this challenge with your family. Here’s how…

Supplies for this challenge are simple – all you need is cookies. We recommend Oreos, but experiment with what type of cookies you like best!

The challenge is for a contestant to start with a cookie balanced on their forehead, and not using anything except their facial muscles, to move the cookie down their face and into their mouth.

Not only do you get a yummy prize for success, but everyone watching will die laughing at the extreme facial contortions you go through!

Check out the original Minute-to-Win-It instructional video:

Bonus idea: video a family member trying Face the Cookie and tweet the video @eKidz!

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