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Fairy Tale Trials at Home (Week 7)


In this week’s episode of Fairy Tale Trials, our competitors used patience, concentration, and a dry spaghetti noodle to move penne pasta from one plate to another. This is a fun challenge you can do as a family. Here’s how…

  • First, the supplies for this game are easy – a box of spaghetti noodles, a box of penne noodles, and some plates.
  • Each competitor should get two plates, an uncooked piece of spaghetti, and a pile of (uncooked) penne.
  • You will hold the spaghetti noodle in your mouth, thread it through a piece of penne, and carefully transfer it from one plate to another.
  • You can designate how many pieces you have to move to win!
  • For an extra twist, you can try different noodles in place of the penne – rigatoni, macaroni, rotelle, bow tieā€¦ go crazy with it!

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