Motion :: Week of April 13

We can’t always understand why some things happen. But we can believe in a God who keeps His promises. We can have hope, even in the toughest times, because we know He can make something good out of something bad.

This week, we took a look at an incredible moment John recorded in John 12:9-16. God’s people were overwhelmed when Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. God kept His promise and the mission to save the world was happening. This didn’t go exactly how they expected, but God was up to something bigger than they could imagine!

Whatever happens, remember God keeps His promises. Because God keeps His promises, we can trust Him no matter what. Kids will face moments in their life where they might wonder if God will come through for them. We want kids to understand that God will come through. It might not be as they expected, but they can have hope that God will help them through their situation.

At bedtime, read John 12:9-16. Pray together, and ask God to remind you of His special promises every time you need it this week.

Download this week’s ParentCue card HERE.

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