Motion :: Week of April 6

We can’t always understand why some things happen. But we can believe in a God who keeps His promises. We can have hope, even in the toughest times, because we know He can make something good out of something bad.

We started our new series by taking a look at John 11:1-45 to learn about the time Jesus helped some of his friends who had lost all hope. When Lazarus died, Jesus raised Him back to life and used the opportunity to point people to God. 

Whatever happens, remember how powerful God is. God can do amazing things in your life. We pray that kids will understand when they face something difficult or hard to understand,  they’ll find hope that God’s power can help us through whatever we face.

At dinner tonight, ask: When was a time that hope carried you through something difficult?

Download this week’s ParentCue card HERE.

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