Motion :: Week of July 27

Jesus demonstrated what serving really means by washing His disciples’ feet and even laying down His life for the sins of the world. We reflect His character to the people around us when we lend a hand and serve.

This weekend, we took a look at one of Jesus’ most popular sermons in Matthew 6:1-4. During this part of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus explains that when we serve or give it shouldn’t be in a way that is showy and puts all of the attention on ourselves. Rather than making a big deal about our own acts of service, He says to give to others in secret.

Serve others without looking for applause. Typically, when we do something for someone else, we want everyone to know what we did. After all, having others compliment us feels good. But we hope that kids start to understand that when we decide to give in secret, the act of service becomes totally about the other person and not themselves.

At bedtime this week, read Matthew 6:1-4. Then, brainstorm one way your family can do a secret service project for someone in need together this week.

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