Motion :: Week of June 1

Summer is the perfect time to relax and spend time with your family. In the middle of all the vacation plans, sports games, and fun activities, it can be easy to feel like you’re constantly on-the-go. This can make it challenging to stay connected over the next couple of months, so we’re partnering with you to help your kid continue building his/her relationship with God this summer! In this one week series, Summer Cool, we taught kids how cool the Bible really is, and gave them action steps to help them read their Bibles over the summer.

Colton Jones, aka “The Professor” showed us how important it is for us to spend time in God’s Word and how much fun we can have reading it! He taught us that when we study the Bible, it shows us how to have a good life through obeying God and helping others.

Reading God’s Word helps me grow closer to Him. Studying the Bible is one of the best ways we can get to know God and grow in our relationship with Him. The more we spend time in God’s Word, the more we can grow closer to Him by learning about who He is and how we can live for Him.


To help your kid stay connected to God this summer, we gave out Summer Cool Guides. Your kid can use the guide to read some cool Bible stories, complete daily activities, and learn new things from the Bible.

If you started your summer fun early this year and didn’t get to pick up a Summer Cool Guide, ask your eKidz Director for one next weekend!

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