Fear, Inc. – Week 5 #Motion


COURAGE: Being brave enough to take the next step, even when you’re afraid.
MAIN POINT: You can take the next step because God is with you.
BIBLE STORY: Israel Takes Jericho | Joshua 5:13-6:27
MEMORY VERSE: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9b

We finish up the month with Joshua and the famous battle of Jericho. God promised Abraham that he would receive the Land of Canaan. In Joshua 5:13–6:27, we find the Israelites taking their first steps towards the fulfillment of the promise. God was faithful to the Israelites. In this story, God’s battle plans seem unconventional for conquering a city, but Joshua knew that if they obeyed God’s plan, the land would be theirs.

You can take the next step because God is with you. Even when what we’re asked to do doesn’t make sense, we can have courage to do it knowing that God is helping us. We should remember that God is near and He is for us. We can trust God no matter what and have courage to take the next step.

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