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Motion eGroup :: June 25/26


WEEK 3: JUNE 25/26


Showing others they are valuable by how you treat them.

Be kind to people who are overlooked.

Do to others as you would have them to do to you.

Least of These
Matthew 25:35-40

Look for these eKidz Values icons in the lesson plan!


Engage is a time to welcome kids to your eGroup with a fun activity to help them feel comfortable and get to know each other.


DO: Start by introducing yourself and welcoming kids to your eGroup. Ask them about their week and interests. Use the following questions to generate discussion:
What’s something cool that happened this week?
What was the favorite part of your week?
Have you ________ (seen/eaten/listened to/read) any good _________ (movies/TV shows/food/music/books) lately?
What are you looking forward to next week?
Once you have five to six kids begin the Engage activity.



SAY: “In the movie Star Wars Jedi’s are members of the mystical knightly order, trained to guard peace and justice in the universe. They use lightsabers to defend and protect their galaxy, but are required to go through Jedi training to use a lightsaber.”

DO: Give each kid a Star Wars finger tattoo and wet wipe. Help kids apply tattoos.
STEP 1: Peel off the plastic top sheet and place the tattoo face down on their right index finger.
STEP 2: Place the wet wipe on top of the tattoo and hold for 15-30 sections. Make sure the entire tattoo design is covered by the wet wipe.
STEP 3: Peel off the backing and let dry.
After all kids have a tattoo, have kids find a partner and explain kids will compete in Jedi training duels, trying to be the last Jedi standing.
Both partners will face one another and place their right index finger (light saber) pointing out. With their other right hand fingertips, partners will grab their opponent’s right hand fingertips and clasp them tightly together.
Jedi’s win their light saber duel by ‘tagging’ or touching their opponent with their light saber finger.
When a Jedi loses a duel, the Jedi has to cheer on their opposing Jedi until this Jedi loses. If this Jed loses, they cheer for the Jedi who beat them. Each Jedi who wins will find another winning Jedi to duel.
Play continues until there is one Jedi left standing.



During this time introduce your eGroup to the series virtue and memory verse. Spend time teaching and practicing the memory verse.



SAY: “Welcome to eGroup! My name is _______ and I’m your eGroup leader! As an eGroup we will hang out together during Motion, hear stories from the Bible, learn what it means to live for Jesus, and play games!

We are in a series called Hollywood Highlight Reel: The Force of Kindness. We all have a powerful force at our disposal
the force to show others how valuable they are. The power lies in how you treat others. The world has one idea of how we should treat others but Jesus set a clear example for us.

God created kindness. No one is kinder than God: no one has ever done more to show us how valuable we are than God has done. He values us more than anyone else can. He sent Jesus, His Son, to SHOW us how valuable we are to Him. Jesus gave us the gold standard of kindness in Luke 6:31: Do to others what you want them to do to you. When we are kind to others, they notice – perhaps because kindness isn’t so common. It sets us apart and can lead to real changes in the hearts of others. Let’s memorize this verse to help us remember how we should treat others because of the example Jesus set for us.”

Read the verse out loud:
Do to others as you would have them to do to you.
 Luke 6:31
Help kids look up the memory verse in their Bibles. Encourage children to use the pens to underline the verse in their Bible.
As time allows, practice the verse with your group. You can use the following methods to help kids learn the memory verse:
REPEAT AFTER ME: Have kids repeat the words after you.
PAIR UP: After practicing the verse as a group, have kids pair up to practice the verse.
MOTIONS: Come up with motions to help remember the verse as a group. Practice it together.



BIBLE STORY ACTIVITY: Kids will act out the Bible story and through the story of Jesus telling us when we show kindness to one of the least of these, learn it’s as if we’re showing kindness to Him.



SAY: “For one reason or another, people are overlooked everyday – no one notices them, much less shows kindness to them. But Jesus says when we show kindness to one of the least of these, it’s as if we are showing kindness to Him.”

Have kids sit in a circle with their Bibles. Give scripture cards to kids who do not have a Bible.
Instruct kids to turn to Matthew 25 in their Bibles. NOTE: This may take time, but it helps them learn
skills for reading the Bible on their own. If needed, encourage kids to use the table of contents in their
Bible and then decide if the book is in the Old or New Testament.
Assign the following roles to kids in the group: Narrator, Jesus, and two to three righteous person
(to complete actions … feed, give drink, etc.)
Give the narrator the Star Wars mask and story card. The narrator will wear the mask and read the
Bible story from the narrator story card in his or her best Star Wars voice. The other characters will act
out what is being read. (The Narrator may take home the mask at the end of the day.)
As the narrator reads from the narrator story card encourage kids to follow along in their Bibles or with
their scripture cards.
After the story, discuss the following:
What did Jesus mean when He said how we treat others is how we treat Him?
Have you ever been sick, hungry, thirsty, or needed a place to stay and someone showed kindness to you? How did it make you feel?
Think about someone you may know is overlooked or ignored. How might you be able to be kind and show them they are valuable?

SAY: “Some people are easier to show kindness to than others, but everyone deserves to be treated like they are valuable, no matter who they are. When you give something to eat to ANYONE who is hungry, donate coats to a local homeless shelter, or make a bed on the living room floor for someone who needs a place to sleep, it’s like you are treating God with kindness. When you do, you are not only being kind to that person, but Jesus said you are being kind to Him, too!”

Collect pens and scripture cards. Make sure kids write their names on their scripture cards. Hand scripture cards back to kids during dismissal.


APPLICATION ACTIVITY: Kids will discuss people in their lives who are overlooked and how they can be kind to them.



SAY: “Sometimes there are people in our lives who are easily forgotten or overlooked. Jedi Mace Windu and his Clone Troopers risked their lives to save the overlooked people of Ryloth from the Rebel army. Mace and his team could have only focused on winning the battle and beating the Rebel army, but they didn’t. They put themselves in danger so the innocent citizens of Ryloth would not be harmed. When we are kind to those who are overlooked, we are serving God. And we can start by focusing not on our needs, but the needs of others.”

Have kids get in teams of two and sit in a circle, with partners sitting across from each other.
Explain the goal of the game is collect four of the same kind of card and then for their partner to say “KINDNESS,” or for the other partner to say “KINDNESS” when their partner has four of a kind.
Have each two player team move away from the group and decide on a signal they can secretly use to tell each other when they have four of a kind. The signal can be a body movement, a gesture or hand signal, but words are not allowed. After all tams have a signal have them sit down in the circle.
The eGroup leader will be the dealer. Deal four kindness cards to each player. After everyone has looked at their cards, deal four more cards face up in the middle of the group.
When the last card has been turned over, any player can pick up one (or more) of the face up cards from the middle and add it their their hand. The player must immediately discard another card(s) face up in it’s place.
Players continue replacing cards, as often as they want, until no one wants the four face up cards. The dealer sets these four cards aside and deals four new cards. Deal four new face up cards and continue as before.
Repeat until someone yells, “KINDNESS.” The partner of the person who says, “KINDNESS” must show their cards to the group. If they have four of a kind, all other teams get a letter, starting with K. If the partner does not have four of a kind the team who incorrectly called “KINDNESS” receives a letter.
The team with four of a kind will share an example of how to meet the need on their card (“I was” cards) or name someone who is overlooked or ignored who they can meet the need for (“You gave me” cards).
If a team has four of a kind of the main point card, “Be kind to people who are overlooked.” the team will recite Luke 6:31.
Collect and shuffle all cards and deal again.
The first team to receive eight letters spelling the word K-I-N-D-N-E-S-S loses the game.

Optional Modification (for younger groups): Lay all the cards facedown on the ground and play Memory. On each turn kids get to turn over four cards, trying to find a match. Once a match is found the kid will answer who they can meet the need for or how they can meet the need.

SAY: “This week remember that whatever you do for others you do for Jesus, too. Be kind to Jesus by being kind to people who are overlooked.”



PRAYER AND GAME ACTIVITY: Prayer is an important way to share Jesus with passion. Spend time in prayer with your eGroup before beginning the game.


eKIDZ PRAYER JOURNAL, PENS, PAINTERS TAPE, BLUE AND GREY PAPER SAY: “Before we begin our last activity, let’s pray together.”

DO: Write down any prayer requests in your eKidz Prayer Journal. Kids can share their requests out loud or can write them directly in the journal.

SUGGESTED PRAYER: “Dear God, thank You for the wise words from Jesus. Help us all to see opportunities to help others – especially those who may get overlooked often. We love You and want to be kind to You by being kind to everyone around us. We love You. In Jesus’ name, amen!”

SAY: “During this Hollywood Highlight Reel series we’re watching clips from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The Clone War is a battle between the Republic’s clone army in their struggle against Count Dooku’s Separatist forces. Let’s see who will win today in our own space battle between the Republic and the Separatist’s.”

DO: Play ‘Space Battle.’
Place the painters tape on the floor to divide your eGroup into two equal sections.
Divide your eGroup into two teams, the Republic and the Separatist’s. Use the finger tattoos kids are wearing to have kids get in teams with others who have the same tattoos. (Ex. Kids with a Yoda and Darth Vader tattoo are a team and kids with a Princess Leia and Chewbacca tattoo are a team.)
Pass out one sheet of blue paper to each kid on the Republic team and a sheet of grey paper to each kid on the Separatist team.
Help kids fold their paper to make a fighter ship (paper airplane).
When you say, “GO,” teams will have a space battle by flying their paper fighter ships to the opponents’ side. Teams will continue flying fighter ships to their opponents side, trying to get no paper ships on their side of the space.
After 2 minutes say, “STOP!” Count the number of fighter ships on each side. The team with the least number of fighter ships on their side wins!
Award this team with one piece of candy from the Force Field candy bin in large group.


OVERVIEW: During The Force of Kindness kids have an opportunity to be rewarded for using their Bibles and learning what the Bible says about kindness.



SAY: “In Motion we want you to Bring It! to church each weekend! The Bring It! Challenge encourages you to bring yourself, your Bible, your friends, and scripture you’ve learned to Motion. Not only can you be rewarded for bringing it, but the Bring It! Challenge is a fun way to grow and learn more about God and how He wants us to live.”

During The Force of Kindness, you can earn Star Wars candy from the Force Field each week if you can show me Luke 6:31 in your Bible AND recite it from memory!”

Encourage kids to show you Luke 6:31 in their Bible AND recite the verse from memory. Kids must do both to earn a piece of candy.
Allow kids to pick a piece of candy from the Force Field candy bin.

SAY: “Make sure to come to Motion each week to learn more about how to live out what Jesus said about showing others they are valuable. This week work on learning our memory verse, Luke 6:31, and remember to bring your Bible to Motion next week!”