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Quest Cinemas Presents: God’s Beautiful Garden – Week 4 #Quest


Bible Story: Genesis 3:1-24 | God’s Beautiful Garden
Main Point: I ask God! God helps me make the right choice!
Memory Verse: “If any of you need wisdom ask God for it …” James 1:5

Lesson Overview
During our Bible Adventure at Quest Cinemas we have learned about Adam and Eve and the wrong choice they made by disobeying God. Even though we all make wrong choices sometimes, we can show wisdom by asking God to help us make the right choice!

Check out this special song by Mr. Music and Emily about asking God for help us make the right choice:

We are partnering with and using their The First Sin video curriculum.To learn more about LifeKIDS, visit

Learn Mr. Music’s song with your child then recite our main point together out loud:

I ask God! God helps me make the right choice!

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