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Wonder! Clubhouse All Aboard – Week 1 #Quest

Bible Story: Creation Day 1: Light and Dark | Genesis 1:1-5
Main Point: God made light and dark!
Memory Verse: “You made the world and everything in it.” Psalm 89:11

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Lesson Overview
During Wonder! Clubhouse All Aboard we’re heading to Creation Station to make discoveries and learn about the world around us and that God made everything – the sun, moon, stars, planets, clouds, rain, oceans, animals, flowers, you, me … everything!

On day one, when the world was completely dark, God created light! God separated the light and dark so we could have day and night. We learned,

God made (point up)
light (flash fingers open by face)
and dark! (close fists by face)

The light and dark are both important. We need the light for daytime activities, but there are plenty of things, like fireworks, that are much better in the dark! This week, remind your child to thank God for giving us light and dark!

All Aboard
Each weekend children visit Quest during this eight week series they can collect main point train cars to add to their All Aboard poster. These train cars will help remind them of all the things God created. Children can collect six train cars and bring their poster back to Quest to receive a special prize.


Memory Verse – Psalm 89:11
Join us in helping your child learn our memory verse, Psalm 89:11. Children can recite this verse every week during the series to earn bonus train cars to put on their All Aboard poster.

You (point up)
made (fist on top of fist)
the world (form a circle with arms over head)
and everything in it. (spread arms wide)
Genesis 89:11 (open hands like a book)

Knowing this verse helps children remember to thank God for what He created! Help your child practice this verse. Then ask them to Remember, Think, and Follow to review what we learned this weekend.

1 REMEMBER: What did God create in today’s Bible story? (light and dark)
2 THINK: Did God create light and dark on day one or day five? (day one)
3 FOLLOW: Because God made everything, we should thank Him for what He’s created! What will you thank God for today? (light and dark)

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