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Worship Music Giveaway!

Heading out of town this summer and need some new music for your car ride?

We’ve got an awesome worship CD four pack your entire family will love singing (and car dancing) to that is perfect for trips this summer and all year round!

We are giving away 3 worship prize packs with these awesome resources!

Three ways to enter:

    1. Tweet the following: @eKidz is giving away THREE worship music prize packs.  Enter for your chance to win
    2. Visit the eKidz Facebook page and share the link on your Facebook page
    3. Post a comment on the blog – tell us what your family’s favorite car activity to do is when taking a road trip.

Contest ends Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 6pm.

Check out Elevation Worship for more great worship music, including the newest release, For The Honor.

13 Responses to “Worship Music Giveaway!”

  1. Shannon says:

    We love to play I spy, even when they spy something 5 miles back, it makes for a more interesting game.

  2. Rachel says:

    We just started doing the alphabet game in the car where you try to find each letter of the alphabet on signs, cars… anything you pass along the way. I played this growing up and we competed against each other. Our kids are still young enough that we just play together and try to complete the alphabet as a group. Good time passer!

  3. Beth Brown says:

    We love to sing songs and look at all the cars and trucks that pass by.

  4. LoganReagansMom says:

    Well, we are heading out for our trip tomorrow. However, everyday in our car is a musical experience. I look in the rearview mirror and my toddler son is jamming away… quick look at my daughter (9).. she does not “jam” in public but I do hear her singing the words if not then, then later. We love music. Positive music. I truly hope my musical choices for them have a profound effect later when they have to choose between a popular inappropriate song and a popular positive song. Love yall and we will miss you this weekend but will be back the 26th!!

  5. My sister Breeley and I love to sing. Right now our favorites are princess songs and a Veggietales CDs but we would love some new songs to sing! Plus I learned in eKidz that I worship God when I sing to him!

  6. David Brady says:

    Besides listening and singing along with Elevation Worship, we play I Spy, do spelling challenges, and math problems.

  7. Rebecca Nordyke says:

    We love to sing and dance (as much as we can)!!!!

  8. Tina Wolfe says:

    Our favorite activity on a car ride is I spy. My boys love to play that:) They also love to play punch buggy no punch back;) That is just two of the favorites.

  9. We are seasoned car travelers. We take the kids on two or three 10+ hour car drives a year. They now pack their own bags with whatever games/activities they might want. My daughter’s favorite is those “design your own” totes with markers. She’ll make one for each trip and then it holds her goodies. They like travel bingo as well – any kind of magnetic game or lacing cards are also a hit. When they get tired of their movies and games – we turn up the music and “Rock Out” as they call it – passes the time quite nicely 🙂

  10. teri miller says:

    the miller family makes it through long car rides by playing “would you rather”! would you rather sleep with a porcupine or a cactus?!? 🙂

  11. Deidre Dickey says:

    eKidz! Y’all are so AMAZING!! We appreciate you guys more than words can say. My girls love to worship through song and dance! Our road trips to Elevation every other weekend would take on new meaning!! 🙂

  12. Angela Sage says:

    These is a GREAT giveaway. Our road trips have two favorite activities: 1. Listening to Elevation Worship! – Disc 2, song #3 PLEASE!!! (For The Honor) is the most requested. 2. How many trucks have we passed game. Yesterday it was 159. Yep, anything to pass the time. If it works…

  13. Tina B says:

    We have a state map license plate printable that we print out for every road trip. The goal is to see how many state license plates we can find. Our record so far is 48 different states on one road trip. Of course that was driving from Arizona to North Carolina and we passed LOTS of cars! We also have a few scavenger hunt printables and we see who finds the most items on the list. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

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