Quest Large Group Week of July 7

Bikes and Trikes

Main Point: the Bible tells me God made me the way I am.
Bible Passage: Psalm 139:14 ● Genesis 25:19-28
Memory Verse: “I have hidden your word in my heart.” Psalm 119:11, NIV

VIDEO: “Quest Rules Video”
SLIDE: “WCLU Campus Screen Graphic”

STORYTELLER: “Hello friends! Welcome to Quest and welcome to the Wonder! Clubhouse! This month we’re going to learn it’s so important to hide God’s Word, the Bible, in our hearts. That means if we know what God says in the Bible, then He can show us the way wherever we go! Let’s check in with Ollie at the Wonder! Clubhouse and learn more about how we take God’s Word with us wherever we go.”

SLIDE: “WCLU Campus Screen Graphic”

STORYTELLER: “Wow! God’s Word tells us we were made by God. Our heads, shoulders, knees, and toes were all made by our God who loves us — that’s something we can take with us wherever we go!”

STORYTELLER: “Before we head back to our eGroups, I wanted to let all of you know how proud I am with the work you did during Love Week.

Production will put a Love Week Slide on the screen.

Remember, Love Week was when you went into your neighborhoods and cities and helped our friends and neighbors.

A lot of you worked with your family all week painting, fixing, or cleaning up and I think a lot of you deserve a prize.

Production will put a Love Week Prize Slide on the screen.

If you participated in Love Week and you’re wearing your Love Week shirt today, you can head to the prize area outside after your parents pick you up from Quest. There you can get a prize for serving during Love Week. Awesome! Thanks for participating in Love Week, friends!”

STORYTELLER: “Now friends, it’s time for us to head back to our eGroups where we’re going to learn more about how God made us.”

SLIDES: “Quest Animal Dismissal Slides”

STORYTELLER: “Where is the _________ (color of Quest Animal eGroup, ie: Purple Parrot) eGroup? You can go ahead and line up with your eGroup Leader at the door and go back to eGroup.”

Continue until all eGroups are dismissed.