Quest :: Week of August 24

The teachings in the Bible are worth more to us — are more valuable in this life — than thousands of pieces of gold and silver. At the end of the day, learning how God, our Creator, wants us to live is worth way more than anything money can buy. So grab a Bible and get ready — we’re going on a treasure hunt! We want to begin to uncover some nuggets of truth and set our preschoolers on a lifelong search for treasure — the kind of treasure that is better than gold.

This weekend, we learned about the time Jesus told the story about a man who built bigger barns for all his grain instead of sharing it with others.

As you drive this week, go on a treasure hunt. Call out something you see and encourage your child to find it. When they find it, talk about why you think it’s a treasure. After the activity, say, “The Bible is better than any treasure, because it teaches us that Jesus is alive and wants to be our friend forever.”

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