Quest :: Week of December 8









Read Luke 2:1-7 together as a family. Use a storybook Bible if you have one (pages 271-276 in The Beginner’s Bible or pages 268-271 in God’s Story for Me Bible Storybook).

Discuss the following questions with your child to review the story:

  • Not everyone knew Jesus is God’s Son when He was born, and there are still people who don’t know today! Who is someone you can share this good news with? (e.g., teacher, nurse, mailman, police officer, friends, grandparents)
  • Jesus is the most special Christmas gift ever! Why is Jesus special? (Jesus is God’s Son.)
  • Play I Spy with your family. Sit near your Christmas tree and spy different ornaments on the tree. The first person to spy the ornament being described will yell, “Happy birthday, Jesus!”



This month our memory verse is John 3:16:

“God (point up)
loved the world (hug yourself)
so much (stretch arms wide)
that He gave (place hands together with palms up)
His only son.” (pretend to rock a baby)
John 3:16, GNT  (open hands like a book)

Practice reciting the memory verse with the motions together as a family. Play a fun game and encourage your child to practice the memory verse with you using different voices. You can use all of the voice options or choose a few. 

  • Say the verse in an excited voice, like you were just invited to the best birthday party ever!
  • Say the verse in a beautiful singing voice like an angel!
  • Say the verse in a whisper voice, like you’re trying not to wake up baby Jesus!
  • Say the verse as fast as you can, like you’re running to tell everyone the good news!


Download this week’s Parent Cue card HERE.

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