Quest :: Week of February 23

February is the month of love, so it’s the perfect time to teach children how much Jesus loves us! Jesus loves us SO MUCH. In fact, there is nothing wider or longer or higher or deeper than the love Jesus has for you and me. This month, our goal is for children to know that Jesus loves them, and that nothing will ever change that!

This week, we learned about the time when a woman showed her deep gratitude for Jesus when she humbled herself in public, poured out her expensive perfume, and washed His feet.

Cuddle up with your child and pray, “Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus to help us. I pray we won’t try and do things all by ourselves, but we will tell Jesus what we need help with so He can help us. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Download this week’s Parent Cue card HERE.

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