Quest :: Week of July 28

Monthly Focus: What is with you wherever you go? (The Bible tells me wherever you go.)
Bible Story: God Loved Us so Much He Gave Us Jesus ● John 3:16
Main Point: The Bible tells me Jesus wants to be my friend forever.
Memory Verse: I have hidden your word in my heart.”  Psalm 119:11a, NIV

Not only does the Bible show us which way to go, God’s Word is with us wherever we go. Whether we’re young or old, hiding God’s word in our hearts is so important. It allows us to take life changing truths from the Bible with us literally wherever our bikes and trikes can take us.

In this week’s lesson we learned that God loved us so much He gave us His Son, Jesus.

Bikes&Trikes_July_Episode5 from Elevation Church eKidz on Vimeo.

Jesus loves us more than anyone else, and He promises in His Word to be our friend forever. When we read God’s Word, we can learn how to be good friends, just like Jesus!

This week grab a world map or pull one up on your phone. Look at the world with your child. Point to places and say the names. Ask your child to repeat them. Talk about how God loves every person in the world so much He sent Jesus to be their friend forever.

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