Safari :: Week of February 16

WE’RE LEARNING… Jesus loves me.
MEMORY VERSE: “Love comes from God.” 1 John 4:7b (NIV)
BIBLE STORY: Jesus and the Children I Luke 18:15-17

This week we sang a song to remind us that Jesus loves me. Sing this song with your toddler at home!

Jesus Loves Us (to the tune of “Happy Birthday”)

I know Jesus loves you.
I know Jesus loves me.
I am so glad Jesus loves us.
Everyone say, “hooray!”

Continue the activity, but sing your toddler’s name each time.

I know Jesus loves (toddler’s name).
I know Jesus loves (toddler’s name).
I am so glad Jesus loves (toddler’s name).
Everyone say, “hooray!”

Repeat a few times, or as long as your toddler is interested. Say, “Great job singing! Who loves you?” Encourage your toddler to say, “Jesus loves me!”

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