3 Evernote Tips for Leaders

  1. Get A Shorter Evernote Email Address: If you are interested in emailing items into your Evernote, you may want to consider requesting a shorter Evernote email address by logging into Evernote.com, clicking the arrow on the far right by your name, and “chatting with Evernote”. My email address went from some long, random address with 12 characters to 6 letters (of my choosing) then @m.evernote.com
  2. Send Emails to Evernote Already Tagged in a Specific Notebook: What if you want to have an email end up in a specific notebook? Or maybe add a tag or two? No problem. Here’s how you do it. In the subject of the email, add the name of the notebook where you’d like this item to land prepended with the @ symbol. For tags, prepend those with the # sign. For example, if I have an email regarding an upcoming teaching series that I want to store in my Teaching notebook with the tags “Baptism” and “eKidz,” the email subject line should include the following before sending it to Evernote:  @Teachings #Baptism #eKidz
  3. Merge: Merge your notes. I have shifted to just a handful of notebooks finding that it’s often easier to simply compile all of my notes together around a certain topic, person, or event rather than building a separate notebook for everything or always having to search. You can do this on a Mac by simply clicking on a note then holding down “shift” to select multiple notes or “command” to select specific notes.
Frank Bealer, Family Pastor