Weekend Wrap-Up

Your one-year-old received a lion face sticker to help him/her and you remember our Bible story of Daniel in the lion’s den. You can make more lion faces at home. Cut a circle out of the paper plate and paint the back of the plate yellow. Next, glue your spiral pasta around the outside of your circle to make your lion’s mane. Finally, using a black marker, draw eyes, nose, and a mouth. Repeat to make your own den of lions!


rotini (spiral) pasta
paper plates
black marker
yellow paint

Your two-year old made a Lion Placemat craft to wrap up our monthly focus: God hears me when I pray. Take the placemat and put it on the table where he/she eats. Before each meal, have your child point to the lion and make the sound a lion makes (R-r-r-r!). Ask your child, ‘Who was thrown into the lion’s den?’ (Daniel) and ‘Why was Daniel not hurt by the lions?’ (God heard Daniel when he prayed to Him and God kept him safe.) Have your child repeat after you, ‘God hears me when I pray.’

This past weekend your Quest-age child learned the main point: God gives me rules through the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments. To continue the conversation, think of a number between one and ten, and have your child guess what number you’re thinking of. When they guess the right number, review the commandment that corresponds to that number. (Listed below are the Ten Commandments in easy terms for Quest-age children.)

  • One – Put God first
  • Two – Worship only God
  • Three – Use God’s name with respect
  • Four – Remember God’s Sabbath
  • Five – Respect your parents
  • Six – Be nice to others
  • Seven – Be faithful in marriage
  • Eight – Take only what belongs to you
  • Nine – Always tell the truth
  • Ten – Be thankful for what you have