A GREATER Firefighter?

This is the fourth week of our Greater series. We have been learning from our very own Bible scholar, Dr. Barry Oldman, as he dives into Pastor Steven’s newest book, Greater.

For the past month, Dr. O and the guys in his fantasti-group have been studying God’s Word and Greater in order to discover God’s plan for each of their lives. One of the guys, Alex, has really been searching for God’s purpose for his life and Dr. O has been helping him. Let’s see what they learn this week!


It looks like Alex won’t be fighting fires any time soon, but he did learn something about finding God’s purpose for his life: you have to be humble enough to start small.

Naaman’s pride kept him from following Elisha’s instructions immediately. He thought he was above washing in a dirty, smelly river. His pride almost kept him from being healed. Just because something may seem small or silly, like taking a bath in a dirty river, or doing your best on your homework, or cleaning your room everyday because your mom asked you to, doesn’t mean it’s not important.

Dream big. Start small.