Ahoy Pirates – It’s Party Time!

Land ho! Treasure Island is in our sights!  Quest kids (ages 3 – kindergarten) are NOT going to want to miss Quest this weekend!   During our pirate party we will celebrate all we discovered about Jesus on our adventures!

We are encouraging all kids to come dressed as a pirate and and to bring their completed Pirates! treasure map for a special pirate booty prize!

Click the links below to find fun pirate review activities as well as to print missing pieces of treasure chests to complete your child’s Pirates! treasure map.

Week 1: “The Stories in the Bible ARRR Real!” (Genesis 1, The Beginning)

Week 2: “The Bible Says Jesus is in Charge of Everything!” (Matthew 8:23-27, Jesus Calms the Storm)

Week 3: “The Bible Says Jesus Helps Me!” (Luke 8:43-55, Jesus Helps Jarius and His Family)

Week 4: “The Bible Says Jesus Does Great Things!” (Matthew 14:13-21, Jesus Feeds Thousands)

Week 5: “The Bible Says Jesus Died For Me!” (Luke 22:47-53, Luke 23:32-35, 44-46)

Week 6: “The Bible Says Jesus is Alive!” (Matthew 28:1-10, Jesus is Risen)

Week 7: “The Bible Says Jesus is Always With Us!” (Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus Goes to Heaven)

Week 8: “The Bible Says Jesus is Coming Soon!” (Revelation 1:1-2, 21:2-4)