Beats – Episode 1 #Motion


Bible Story: Jesus Blesses the Children, Matthew 19:13-15

Beat of the Week: “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5

This week we began a brand new series called Beats. To tell you all about it and introduce you to the first “Beat,” here’s our Family Pastor, Frank Bealer:

That’s right, all series long, we’re going to be studying the Beatitudes and this first week, we learned about meekness. In our culture, meekness is often interpreted as weakness, and therefore shunned. But Jesus taught that there was real power in meekness; in embracing your strength, acknowledging God as your source, and controlling it in order to use it for His glory.

During this series, we’re challenging kids to learn the six Beatitudes that we’re studying, but we couldn’t call them the Beats without putting them to a beat! So each week, we’re learning a rhyme that summarizes the Beatitude for the week and will be easier to remember. See the image below and go ahead and start learning all six Beats!