Having a good time!

In eKidz, we think it’s important to teach children how to worship God at an early age. We teach that they can worship God through praying, giving, and singing songs!

In Quest (ages 3 – kindergarten), we have a lot of fun during our Large Group time when singing worship songs! Quest volunteers are super energetic when they lead worship, singing along with the songs and doing fun hand motions for the kids to follow along with.

We are planting seeds of truth in preschoolers that will stick with them in the years to come!

Learn some of our favorite Quest worship songs!  The videos below, from the Willow Creek Association, will teach you the motions while you learn the song.

“God You Are Great”

“Jesus is the Best, Oh Yes”

“Having a Good Time”

To purchase the songs we use in Quest, visit the  Willow Creek Community Church’s Resource PageWe use the CD’s “Reach Up High” and “Touch the Sky“.