Bring It!

If your Motion aged-child has been begging you to not only go to church, but bring their friends, asking you to turn the car around to go back home to grab their Bible, or having you quiz them on the monthly memory verse then you’re probably aware of the Bring It! Challenge.

We launched Bring It! in January and the goal of the challenge is for each Motion child to earn 1500 points throughout the entire month.  For the kids it has been a fun competition, but for the eKidz staff and small group leaders it’s an opportunity to help kids develop basic skills needed to build a firm foundation of faith.

In Luke 6:46-49, Jesus tells the story of the wise and foolish builders. We read that those who hear God’s Word and do what it says are like the wise builder who dug deep and laid his foundation on the rock; his house was not shaken because it was well built on a firm foundation.

In Motion, we are building and developing future leaders and it is our prayer that by partnering with you and your family in ministry we will be able to help kids build their faith on a firm foundation – when the torrents of life strike they will not be shaken, but will stand firm.

We’re excited to see kids attending regularly with Bibles in hand, learning to hide God’s Word in their hearts by memorizing scripture, and bringing their friends to church, not just because it’s so much fun but because they want their friends to know about Jesus too!

This weekend starts a brand new month for the Bring It! Challenge so if you and your family haven’t jumped in yet, this weekend is your chance! Help your kids earn their 1500 points this month by attending (100 points), bringing their Bible (200 points), bringing a friend (200 points), and memorizing the monthly verse (500 points.)  We want everyone asking, “Did you bring it?”