Creation Cooking Kit


This fall we taught a series in Quest called Upside Down Town, where kids learned all about inventing through the story of creation. We wanted to empower families to talk with their children about what they had learned throughout this six week series, so we gave out Creation Cooking Kits for every family in Quest.

Renee Badolato, mother to 4 year old Andrew, had a great time in the kitchen with her son discussing the lessons from the Creation Cooking Kit. Here is what she had to say about how she was empowered to lead a discussion with her 4 year old son:

“The Creation Cooking Kit was a great tool to facilitate discussion. We were able to walk through the lessons step by step using the toppings to make pictures on top of the pizzas. It really opened the door for Andrew to share with me what he’s learned these past few weeks in Quest. The Creation Cooking Kit allowed us to dedicate time, resources, and follow steps to discuss creation. We definitely felt empowered since we had the topics, tools, and time to get into a deeper  discussion.”

The Creation Cooking Kit was focused on pulling the family together to “create” pizzas and make pictures with toppings to review the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, and a few other stories in the book of Genesis. Since we had a pizza theme, we decided to package all the “tools” the family would need for the night in a small pizza box, including a chef’s hat, child’s apron, recipe cards, and a shopping list.

Our goal in eKidz is not only to engage with your child for an hour each week, but to empower you to lead your child in the development of their faith. With fun tools like the Creation Cooking Kit, we are excited to partner with you to raise up a generation of children who know and love God!