Dirty Jobs Episode 1

Want to know about dirt? Ask the dirt expert, Mike Rowe. As the host of the TV show, Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe has dedicated himself to discovering the dirtiest jobs in America.

Mike Rowe has hosted hundreds of episodes and knows more about dirty jobs than anyone else. But, he is giving one lucky contestant a chance to star as a guest host for several episodes.

Dr. Oldman, our resident archaeologist and Bible scholar, has decided to audition. As an archaeologist, someone who specializes in spending a lot of time in the dirt, he feels that he stands a pretty good chance of landing the role.

Adam and Eve made a wrong choice when they disobeyed God. The story of Adam and Eve really is unforgettable – it’s the story that started it all.

Dr. Oldman made a wrong choice too. He went just a little too far in trying to impress Mike Rowe. He wanted to get the part so badly, he made the choice to destroy his neighbor’s tree, even though he knew it was wrong.

Will Dr. Oldman win the contest? Come to Motion this weekend to find out!

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