Dirty Jobs Episode 3

Our resident Bible scholar, Dr. Oldman, has won a role as the guest host on the TV show Dirty Jobs. Now, he’s on the hunt for the dirtiest jobs in America. In his first episode, he took the camera crew to one of the cleanest jobs that ever existed. If he doesn’t do better at picking the dirty job for today’s episode, he might find himself in an even bigger mess. Let’s find out what happens in episode three of Dirty Jobs.

While Lanaire was a little more impressed with Dr. Oldman’s dirty job selection this week, she was a little surprised that Dr. Oldman got the idea for interviewing a chimney sweep from a Bible story.

God showed that He is the only true God by doing something no one else could do. He heard and answered Elijah’s prayer and sent fire down from heaven to light a soaking wet altar on fire. Dr. Oldman was right, that is one of the most unforgettable stories in the Bible.

Use the In-Fin-Ate Card you received on the way out of eKidz to continue the conversation with your family about Elijah and Mount Carmel.

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