Dirty Jobs Episode 5

As guest host of the show Dirty Jobs, our own Bible Scholar Dr. Oldman is on a mission to find the dirtiest jobs in existence. So far, Dr. Oldman and the crew have found some fantastically dirty jobs like chimney sweeping and taxidermy. Find out what dirty job they uncovered this week.

When Daniel was thrown into a den full of lions, he trusted God. He knew that obeying God was important and he could trust God to protect him, even from something as scary as a den of hungry lions.

And the lions at Tiger World sure were hungry! Dr. Oldman and the crew had a fantastic time at Tiger World and eKidz is giving your family a chance to win a Tiger World Family Pack with 4 day passes!

To enter the contest, tweet @eKidzAtHome or leave a comment below and tell us how your family has been impacted by the In.Fin.8 series, where adults and kids have been learning the same Bible stories each week.

Two families will win a Tiger World Family Pack. The Tiger World Family Pack contest ends Saturday, March 16, at 12pm.

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