Dirty Jobs Episode 7

Dr. Oldman hasn’t gotten too dirty in any of the Dirty Jobs episodes he has hosted so far. But that could all change. Let’s find out what dirty job he finds this week.

In the story of the prodigal son, the son took his father’s money and ran away from home. He spent all of the money, lost his friends, and ended up eating slop with the pigs, kind of like Dr. Oldman.

When he went home, he begged his father for forgiveness, expecting him to be angry. But his father wasn’t angry, he didn’t yell or send him away. He was just happy that his son had come home. It’s the same way with our heavenly father, God. Even when we mess up, he loves us and wants us to come to Him. In fact, God wants everyone to come to Him.

This week learn more about the prodigal son by spending time completing the Dirty Jobs Devotionals.

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