Don’t Raise Good Boys & Girls


That’s right. Don’t raise good boys and girls.  Read on, you’ll understand why, soon enough.

When it comes to the Greater life, there will be a time when you have to step up.  Pastor Steven states in his book Greater, you have to “leave your life of good enough behind and step into the greater life God has had in mind for you all along.”

As you pursue the Greater life, your family must step together.  If you aren’t careful, you may get excited about all that God has in store for you and forget to bring your family along for the journey.  I mentioned in a previous post that kids are not a limiter to reaching the Greater life.  I hope that the prayer below from Pastor Steven’s new book will encourage you and help you to ignite God’s Greater vision for your entire family.

I pray that you will no longer settle for good enough in your closest relationships, existing together but not really engaging each other.  I pray that where you may have settled into patterns of comfort, busyness, and mundane living, you will exchange all that for a greater dream of seeing the glory of God displayed where you live.  I pray that the monotonous drone that can come with living together as a family will be replaced by the passionate cadence of a family that follows God together.  I pray that you won’t settle for raising good boys and girls who don’t get on your nerves or interfere with your dreams but who are world changers that chase after God’s dream for them.

Thanks for allowing us to partner with you,

Frank Bealer (Family Pastor) & the eKidz staff