It’s January, the time of year to set goals, make changes, and resolve to do better and live greater. I would like to encourage you to add to that list! A daily family prayer time can and will transform your family if you make it a priority.

As a mother of three, one of the best times I’ve found to pray is in the car. We are stuck together for a definite amount of time, and three children in an enclosed area usually means a disagreement of some sort. To help us begin any journey, short or long, we pray first. It looks different every time. Sometimes I lead. Other times my children lead. It doesn’t really matter. I believe that God looks down and smiles at my efforts, even if my daughter is praying for her blue bear, and my son talks so fast no one can understand him. God does, and that’s enough for me.

I know you have questions. What does a family prayer time look like? How long should we pray? Where should we pray? What should we pray about?

I’ve learned there are very few taboos when it comes to prayer. God simply wants to talk to us, everyday. He wants to know that we put Him first. With that being said, there are a few basic understandings that can get you headed in the right direction.

Approach with reverence. You are going to be conversing with the Lord of lords. You wouldn’t open a conversation with the President by saying, “Hey, how are ya?” Instead try this, “Dear God, you amaze me…”

 –Praise & thanksgiving come first. Let God know that you love him and you recognize him as worthy before you begin to make requests. One option is to open your prayer time up in song. Another idea would be to simply list all that you are thankful for.

 –God, others, you, this concept is simple. When you pray, put your praise first, your requests on behalf of others second, and your desires last.

 –Follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There are times when you know you need to pray. Other times you may simply have a few vacant moments. Take the opportunity to connect with God. There is not a right or wrong time or place to pray.

Set a goal this year to make prayer a priority in your family, and let eKidz help you! Each morning at 7am, @eKidzAtHome will tweet prayer ideas to help give your drive time some spiritual punch. Use these ideas to help get you started. 2013 is your year to form the habit of prayer in your family. I believe in you!


Jessica Bealer

Family Ministry Resource Director