eKidz at Home :: Week of August 9

In eKidz Online this week, we’re learning about influence, and how we can lead others by shining our light like Jesus. For the Quest lesson, we’ll learn about how we’re important to God, and Safari toddlers will learn a fun song to help them remember that they can pray to God!

Use the resources below to help your child grow in their faith this week. For more information about eKidz Online and our weekly broadcast times, visit our eKidz Online YouTube page.

Who watches you lead?    Matthew 5:14-16

As a family, discuss a few questions together after your child watches this week’s episode.

Question #1: How would you define influence? Have you ever considered yourself to be an influencer?

Question #2: Read Matthew 5:14-16. How do you think being a light can influence and lead others?

Question #3: Being a leader is being someone who shines like Jesus. How will you be more shiny? What’s one way you can lead with a brighter light, starting this week?

Be a positive influence.

We’re the light of the world and we can let our light shine this week by choosing something specific to do to be a positive influence for someone else.

Start where you are — at home. If you have any brothers or sisters, start by choosing to do the right thing so they can do the same. Help them out with their chores, pick-up after them, or help them tie their shoes.

Then, think about how you can be a positive influence on your friends. If you’re hanging out on FaceTime, don’t give in to the temptation to gossip or say bad things about someone else. Be kind and speak highly of others. You can shine your light by simply being a good friend.

And finally, think of a way you can be a positive influence in your community. That could mean picking up trash in a park or writing encouraging notes in chalk on the sidewalks in your neighborhood.

There are so many ways you can let your light shine and be a positive influence. Be intentional about it and find a way to do that at home, with your friends, and in your community.


I am important to God. ● You Are Important to God I Luke 12:7

This month, we’ll teach our preschoolers that they are wonderfully made in God’s image! Do you ever think about yourself like that — that you are wonderfully made in God’s image? We tend to forget about all the wonder that went into making us as we become grown-ups. It’s part of the reason why people have to ask us to “say cheese” when they take our picture. If we really believed that we are wonderfully made in God’s image, we would be smiling from ear-to-ear all day long! That is what we want for preschoolers — to smile with confidence, because they know God made them.

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

Question #1: This month, we’re learning all about how we were made. Who made us? (God)

Question #2: Does God know every detail about us, like the number of hairs on our heads and freckles on our face? (yes)

Question #3: God knows everything about us — does that mean God thinks we are important or not important? (important)


Family Activity: I Am Important to God

WHAT YOU NEED: activity page, scissors or a three-inch circle punch, ribbon or streamers, small stickers, clear tape, washable markers, crayons


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity page at home and cut out one badge for your child. Then cut the ribbon or streamers into pieces to add to the back of the badge. Set the markers, crayons, and stickers on the table.
  • During the Activity: Give your child a badge to color and decorate with stickers. As they finish, help them tape the ribbons/streamers to the back. Make sure your child’s name is on the back of their badge.


  • During the Activity: “Today, we learned that we are important to God! How do we know that? Because God MADE us! Let’s make a badge to remind us that we’re important to God. You can color your badge and add stickers. I will help you add some ribbon to the back.”
  • After the Activity: “Your badge looks great! You are so creative! Did you know that God gave you all that creativity? It’s true. God made you! And just like this badge says, YOU are important to God. So, who made you?” (God made me.)


This month, we’re learning, “I can pray to God.” We will learn the story, “Daniel Prays to God,” in Daniel 6. When the king made a new rule, Daniel knew it was wrong and continued obeying God by praying to Him. Because Daniel didn’t follow the king’s rule, he was thrown into a den with lions, but God protected him. Just like Daniel, we can pray and talk to God, too!


Choose an activity to complete with your toddler to learn that we can love like Jesus!

Bible Story Activity

WHAT YOU NEED: Bible (Use a children’s Bible if you have one or download the Bible App for Kids and watch “A Roaring Rescue.”)

WHAT YOU SAY: “I love reading the Bible and spending time with Jesus. Let’s read our Bible story together right now!”

WHAT YOU DO: Read “Daniel Prays to God” — Daniel 6 from the Bible.

Song Activity: Pray to God


  • Lead your toddler in singing the song below to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

    Pray, pray, pray to God.
    Pray to God today.
    Bow your head and close your eyes
    and pray to God today.

    Listen to His words.
    Listen to His words.
    Hear His words and then obey,
    Listen to His words.

  • Continue to sing for as long as your toddler is interested.


  • Before the Activity: “Let’s sing a fun song to help us remember that we can pray to God!”
  • After the Activity: “Wow, you did a wonderful job singing! Who can pray to God?” Encourage your toddler to say, “I can pray to God!”