eKidz at Home :: Week of July 5

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We know that this season looks different, and we want to help you do church at home. Check out these resources your family can use this week!

How you view yourself drives what you say and do. ●  Philippians 4:8

As a family, discuss a few questions together after your child watches this week’s episode.

Question #1: Read Philippians 4:8. How could the truth from this verse help you face your inner critic? (e.g., You can remind your inner thoughts to stop focusing on your mistakes.)

Question #2: What is one trash-thought you wish your inner critic would stop saying to you? How can you fight that trash with God’s truth? (e.g., memorize Bible verses, learn what God really thinks about you by reading the Bible, ask a trusted adult what truth would fight the hurtful thoughts you have, write God’s truth out and hang it where you’ll see it often, etc.)

Question #3: How does God show His love to you? How can you allow God’s love to be louder in your heart and mind than your inner critic’s voice?

Kid Challenge of the Week

Silence your inner critic.

Every day, we have thousands of thoughts. Some of them come and go really quickly, and some of them stay in our heads all day long. The challenge is to identify which of these thoughts are coming from that inner critic that tries to tell you lies about who you are — thoughts that say you can’t do it, you’re not smart enough, or you’re not good enough. Those thoughts aren’t true, because in Jesus Christ, you are more than enough! 

When you feel discouraged, anxious, or your thoughts just won’t let you focus, take a deep breath, and say, “Christ is in me, I am enough.” 

Use this phrase to help you tune out the voice of that inner critic and replace those thoughts with thoughts that come from God.


I spy someone Jesus loves, no matter what. ● Peter’s Denial | Luke 22:54-62; John 21:15-19; Ephesians 2:8-9

This month we’ll teach our preschoolers the incredible truth, I can believe in Jesus. This truth is so powerful, and we want them to believe Jesus is real and know that He loves them no matter what. Jesus is who He said He is, and He wants to be their friend forever. That’s the truth friends. You better believe it.

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

Question #1: Today’s Bible story was about one of Jesus’ friends. Was his name Paul or Peter? (Peter)

Question #2: Even though Peter said he wasn’t Jesus’ friend, did Jesus still love him? (yes)

Question #3: Does Jesus love you, no matter what? (yes)

Family Activity: In the Heart

WHAT YOU NEED: red butcher paper, dark-colored markers, pencil, scissors, and wall tape (This activity could also be done outside using chalk.)

– Before the Activity: Draw a large heart on the butcher paper and cut it out. Place the heart on a table or the floor.
– During the Activity: 
Give your child a marker and encourage them to draw themselves, friends, and family members on the heart.
– After the Activity: Play “I Spy” using the drawings on the heart. Spy each drawing on the heart.

– Before the Activity: “Who does Jesus love? (Pause.) Yes! Everyone! Jesus loves everyone.”
– During the Activity: “Use the markers to draw people Jesus loves in the heart. (Point.) Jesus loves everyone! You can draw yourself, your friends, and your family.”
– After the Activity: “WOW! You did a great job drawing people Jesus loves! Jesus loves everyone! Let’s play ‘I Spy!’ I spy on the heart (point) [a person’s name]’s picture! Jesus loves [person’s name]!” Continue for all the pictures.

This month, we’re teaching toddlers that we can love like Jesus. We love others by being kind with our words and actions. We want toddlers to grow up knowing that when they love like Jesus, they can point others to Him and make a big difference in their life! 


Choose an activity to complete with your toddler to learn that we can love like Jesus!

Bible Story Activity

WHAT YOU NEED: Bible story sheet 

WHAT YOU SAY: “I love reading the Bible and spending time with Jesus. Let’s read our Bible story together right now!”

WHAT YOU DO: Read “A Short Man” from the Bible story sheet.

Craft Activity: Coloring Page

WHAT YOU NEED: crayons, printed coloring page (If you don’t have a printer, you can use the “Sketch.Book – Draw,Drawing Pad” app to upload the coloring page image and let your toddler color it on a device.)


  • Print the coloring page below and use it to help your toddler remember that, just like Jesus showed love to Zacchaeus, we can love others, too!
  • As your toddler colors, ask, “Who can love like Jesus?” (I can love like Jesus.)