Elevation Parent :: April 2022 🌷

Hey, parents 👋🏼

Spring is here! The grass is turning green, flowers are blooming, and there’s so much to be joyful for.
This Easter season, take time to pause for a moment and soak up the beauty spring brings.

5 Ways To Celebrate Easter As A Family

Easter is an exciting time to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection and remember how much God loves us. It’s the perfect time to spend quality time with those we love, create memories, and make new family traditions.

This year, we’ve compiled a few resources to help your family prepare your hearts and have tons of fun as you celebrate Easter together. 

  • Family Easter Devotional: Five easy-to-lead family devotions and activities meant to supplement the Welcome Resurrection devotional for adults starting Sunday, April 10. 
  • Parent Connect—Making Easter Fun: In this podcast episode, we share ways your family can learn about the wonder of Easter in a fun interactive way that’s sure to create laughter, memories, and teachable moments!
  • 5 Easter Drive Time Games: As you’re in the car with your kids, spend time together listening to the “Easter Games” podcast. These fun, interactive episodes will have your entire family laughing, talking, and celebrating Easter! 
  • Easter Scavenger Bingo: Head outside for a little family Easter fun with Scavenger Hunt Bingo! It’s sure to turn a boring road trip or neighborhood walk into a fun adventure!
  • Resurrection Rolls: Make a sweet treat and review the Easter story in a tasty, creative way with your kids.

Got Empathy?

Sometimes, it can be easy to feel like we have more differences than we have things in common. But one thing we all share is emotions. Joy, sadness, anger, and fear are just a few of them. Some come naturally, while others are brought on by our experiences.

Empathy is an emotion that guides the way our kids interact with the world around them, especially as they grow. Whether your kid is a toddler or a teenager, there’s never been a better time than now to teach them about empathy.