Elevation Parent :: May 2022

Hey, parents 👋🏼

We know our parenting journeys encompass a wide range of ages and stages. From wild twists and turns to quiet moments, we’re constantly navigating new territory. Whatever we face, it’s all worth it when we catch glimpses of the beauty and wonder of God in our kids’ growth.

Parenthood is hard but rewarding –– and God has handpicked you for the task!

Mental Health and Our Kids

Whether you have a child, preteen, or teen, peer and adult connections are incredibly important for them. Kids at any stage seek acceptance, praise, and attention, and the best way for them to receive this is through healthy, loving relationships.

As parents, we have the ability to shape our child’s mental health through empathy and love. While teachers, coaches, pastors, and other caring adults can help, no one can do it better than parents can.  We’re the most influential voice in our child’s life.

To hear more about mental health and our kids, listen to our latest “Parent Connect” podcast.

Process > Perfection

Parenting is an ongoing process, no matter what stage your family is in. When we embrace that process and focus on growing instead of trying to do everything perfectly, we create opportunities to see what God can do through us.

How are you starting today? Try the following tips to help you embrace the process this week:

Engage In Every Moment

Deuteronomy 6 is a reminder of who God is, all He has done, and the amazing opportunity we have to respond to Him with love. It’s a reminder to share God’s story with all people –– especially our kids!

Below are a few ways you can engage your kids with these principles this month:

  • ☀️  In the morning, as your kids start their day, send them off with encouraging words. Complete this statement: “I hope you know… ”
  • 🚙  While on the go, ask your kids, “What was the best part of your day? What was the worst part of your day?”
  • 🍔  At mealtime, ask everyone at the table, “What’s something you always like to have with you and why?”
  • 🙏  At bedtime, pray for each other: “God, help us remember that we are never alone. When we feel lonely or overwhelmed, remind us that You are always with us.”