Elevation Parent :: October 2022

Hey, parents!

It’s fall! The leaves are changing, our kids are in school, and our calendars are full. Whether it’s “real” or “fake” fall where you are, we can all agree the changing of seasons reminds us that time is passing.

It doesn’t matter if you have a preschooler, elementary kid, or middle school pre-teen; as a parent, you know time is precious.

So, let’s not miss what God has for us today! Pause and talk to God. Ask Him to help you focus on what He’s placed in your hands right now. Trust that as you parent, He’ll give you strength, confidence, direction, and opportunities. We want to partner with you in this, so keep reading to discover how you can make an impact 👀

Raising Responsibly

As parents, from the moment our kids are placed in our arms, we know there’s a countdown to adulthood.

Our latest Parent Connect episode, “Raising Responsible Humans,” shares how the experiences we’re giving our kids now will prepare them to launch into the adult life God created them for.

Pause And Reflect

These days, we’re bombarded with all kinds of messaging about how to parent our kids. From potty training toddlers to navigating dishonesty and disrespect from our tween, everyone has an opinion.

Instead of searching for advice from social media and today’s top influencers, what if we paused and reflected on God’s promises to us as parents?

  1. God is always working! And He does some of His best work in the unseen. (Proverbs 3:5-6) Just because we can’t see immediate results in our kids doesn’t mean they’re not listening, watching, and learning.
  2. God doesn’t make mistakes! (Psalm 139:16) He handpicked you to parent your child. There’s a reason your son is tender-hearted or your daughter is strong-willed. God is teaching you through them, and you were uniquely designed to speak into their life as no one else can.
  3. God loves our kids more than we do! After all, they were His first. (Jeremiah 1:5) The battles we face as parents today are not ours to fight, but His. When we cry out for help, God hears us.

God Wants To Use You

When we study the people in the Bible who served God best, we notice service isn’t limited by age, experience, or anything else. God calls each of us to use our gifts to tell others about Him.

Each week in eKidz, we get the opportunity to share God’s love and truth with kids ages six weeks through fifth grade. But this wouldn’t be possible without awesome volunteers (and we’re always looking for more people to join the team)!

If you’d like to learn more, sign up for volunteer orientation and see what God can do through you!