Fairy Tale Trials at Home (Week 2)

In this week’s episode of Fairy Tale Trials, you saw our contestants use brooms to launch innocent little Peeps into the air and catch them in a cup. This is a challenging game for you to play as a family! Here’s how…

-First, you need to gather the materials for each contestant – marshmallows, brooms, cups, and optionally, plates.

-You can experiment with what catapulting methods you like and determine your own rules. We launched the marshmallows straight off the broom from a table. You can also check out the Minute-to-Win-It game that inspired our contest: http://www.nbc.com/minute-to-win-it/how-to/ka-broom-1/

-Define your rules, get your contestants ready, and have some fun launching marshmallows!

-Bonus idea: enjoy the great spring weather and roast marshmallows as a family afterward!