Fairy Tale Trials at Home (week 5)

In this week’s episode of Fairy Tale Trials, you saw our contestants play a game called Spoon Frog. This is a challenging little game that requires focus and hand-eye coordination but makes for a simple and fun family activity. Here’s how…

  • First, you’ll need a cup for everyone playing and a box of plastic spoons.
  • Competitors should each get a stack of spoons and one they designate as their catapult.
  • Players will lay a spoon on the handle end of another spoon, and hitting the round part of the spoon, launch the other spoon into the air. Holding their cup, they try to catch the flying spoon in the cup.
  • You can race to see who is the first person to catch one spoon in their cup, or set a goal for the number of spoons.
  • An option to make it more difficult is to require players to leave their cup sitting on the table and launch the spoon into the cup that way!